Friday, 5 July 2013

Friday in pictures

Such a lazy day today its to cold and windy outside so just a few little pictures of bits and pieces
 My level 1 reiki certificate ready for my reiki room once the spring clean is done
 My favorite colour dream catcher
 India modeling a beautiful vintage fur hat
 Vintage talc
 Vintage fragrance I remember this when I was little my grandmother wore it and I loved it, I purchased this on ebay.
 Vintage make up compact, they don't make them like these anymore , so special
 Vintage kangaroo fur purse, I have a couple of these
 This is my favourite make up compact with lipstick as well
 cold day outside today little birdies resting in the apple tree
 A book on the honey bee my Dad bought me I don't have bees as yet but eventually that's the plan
Beautiful old book just love it.
Not much happening today
Enjoy the weekend everyone xx

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