Thursday, 18 July 2013

Getting jobs done

I have had a few little jobs around the home for a while now that I wasnt sure myself how to do and Im usually always busy so they get put on the back burner,
A few months ago I bought my Dad a stove as his oven didnt work and only one element on his stove worked, I finally got the stove hooked up on the weekend and now he has the use of the full stove and oven.
In my house I had bought a fan and light to be installed in my bedroom for the hot summer nights I wont say exactly how long it has been sitting there to be installed but it was a couple of years. Well today that was installed.
A couple of months ago I got a container to be used as a water tank from work, well today I got that connected to my shed.
Im pretty impressed as its up nice and high so I can water gardens down the back.
The guys who did it got a stack of pallets and thats what it is sitting on. Then they covered them with more pallet wood which I can grow somthing around it and pretty it up.
I also have some left over pallet wood which they are going to make me a couple of vege beds near by, oh I just cant wait.
It was just such a windy rainy day today the wind was awful they managed to get this done in the morning then came inside to wait for the rain to stop but it didnt
and this is what happened lol must of been worn out working outside in the rain.

 There is nothing like picking fresh produce out of the garden
 Rhubarb crumble was on the menu for tea and it was just delicious.
In a saucepan I placed bunch of rhubarb and 2 apples and sugar and slighty cooked it
 The crumble was 2 tblsp butter, 1 cup coconut, 2 tblsp of sr flour, 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1 cup of Be Natural manuka honey spice clusters and flakes {cornflakes or muslie would do but this cereal is delish}
Rub butter into ingredients and place on top of rhubarb mix bake until brown.
This picture is tonights main meal shepards pie, a favourite of the kids.
So easy to make
boil 500 g mince, 1 onion chopped and mixed herbs
when cooked drain the I use a bottle of home made tomato sauce but you can use tin tomatoes or normal sauce. Garlic
Place this in casserole dish.
Boil and mash potatoes add garlic and cream to them place on top of meat and grate cheese
Its very very simple but nice on a cold night
Pretty happy with todays jobs


  1. Those containers are great for water catching, we have them at work full of white wine vinegar and oils. They are never available though, I do get pallets some times, the small white ones 4 wired together make a great compost bin or tall raised bed.

    1. Hi Pam, We often get them but this is the first time I have put my name down to get one, I probably should get a couple more. I like the idea of pallet compost bin I may try that next.

  2. Looking Yummy, the pie that is. Got to love a tradie.

    1. Hi Lynda
      the pie was delicious actually both were. It was pretty funny when he fell asleep I wasnt game to take the photo I made my daughter lol, just in case he woke up, we did tell him we took it though.
      Tradies must love rainy days.


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