Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Wacky Wednesday

Wacky is how I feel with hardly any sleep I think I have had 6 hours since Sunday, thats why I dont like nightshift.
Even though the day has passed as a bit of a haze I arrived home this morning about 7.30 am to this

Whats this you say, this is a bunnys nest, mummy rabbit plucks her fur when she is about to give birth, on closer inspection I found this
and this

Rabbits are born with no fur and completely helpless, they are adorable.
These two are netherland dwarfs born to

and Daddy, both are netherland dwarfs. These two are so friendly and love free ranging around the back yard, Im very lucky that all my animals are used of each other so I dont have to lock any up when the other is out, they are just all out and about together.
Other than the birth of these little ones not much has happened today and there was no baking or cooking anything great for dinner, it was quick and easy brevilles as Im to tired to think.
This is Nala yawning lol when Im tired so are they.

She is beautiful really , I did get a good laugh from that photo though


  1. One of my friends had a giant rabbit that terrorized her Border Collie, she picked up a chick from the roadside and took it home to raise. It grew to be the biggest Cockerel that I have ever seen, around 5 feet tall, like the rabbit it lived a long life and died of natural causes.
    I love your ginger cat, she is so beautiful, I have only seen 1 other long haired ginger queen and she never had a girl long haired kitten.

  2. Female ginger cats are supposed to be quite rare I was told its probably a male, but no its definately a girl.
    My bunnies are only small, netherlands are the smallest rabbit.


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