Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Well Happy New Year everybody.
We have a beautiful new moon this evening 2014 is set to be a wonderful New Year.
This year for me I want to take a step back and try and relax a little more and thats exactly what we all did today, we lounged around in our pjs all day, I never ever do this EVER , but today I had a nap, baked egg and bacon pies, read, watched a movie, it was extremely relaxing.
Reduce = I really want to cut down on waste

Green = green up our lives, home made cleaners { I pretty much do this now, herbal remedies { I do this also but need a few more}, body products { maybe a few face masks, shampoo bar ect}

Grow = plant and harvest more, would like to make a lot more gifts from the garden utilize what I grow a lot more.

Create= homemade gifts, draw, sew,

Discover = feed the mind , learn new things { Indian head massage course next week}, Im also hoping to get bees this year so maybe a bee keeping workshop, also try my hand at cheesemaking.

Most of all Enjoy, enjoy the little things and be grateful each day

 Im grateful for my garden, the backyard is becoming a little oasis. The grape vine is just so lush.
 I fixed up the pond my daughter put in for me as I use the lasagna garden method { Im a bit lazy at digging} and she forgot to lay out the cardboard, so I raked it all, added some horse poo and compost from the compost bin , then a layer of pea straw, its going to need a few more layers but its ok for now.

 I have also made the garden a little larger , this is just the first layer of manure and cardboard.
 This area around my fruit trees was a night mare to mow as there are rocks coming up through the grass so I decided this is going to be a garden bed as well. Its a work in progress
 To think at the start of 2013 there was nothing here, now there are four vege beds

 I have to say this is my favorite area, it doesnt look flash but its the yummiest spot for berries

The top of my freezer is full of berries and I have given punnets away to friends, I must say this logan berry bush is the best.
What Im grateful for today is my family and friends I feel very blessed
Happy 2014 its going to be a good one xx


  1. Hi Sharon! Thanks for stopping by my place!
    Oh I envy you your privacy fence!
    Living in town has been a challenge for me but a privacy fence would make things so much better!

    1. Hi Holly, its a pleasure. Yes I must say you definitely need a high fence in town , I like my privacy. So plenty of trees is a must.


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