Saturday, 4 January 2014

In the garden

 I love spending time in the garden at night after tea, walking around watering, its a slowing down time for me to appreciate the little things. This is my first dahlia of the season, I love dahlias I really love dahlias. I have planted some new colors this year so I hope they pop up.
 Spaghetti squash flowers , I tried to grow these last year but lost all my plants . This year they are growing quite well so I will finally get to try spaghetti squash , Ive heard its delicious.
 Help, I have no idea what this is, I dont think I planted it. Its popped up in the vege garden does anybody know what this is , should I pull it out or wait to see what it is. Its quite large.
 This is the garden where my garlic was, Im giving it a little rest and will add some manure and bits and pieces to enrich the soil for what Im going to plant next. I feel my veges are a bit sparse this season so Im heading to the local market this morning to see what I can plant
 I only have a few strawberries something seems to be eating them ,Im not sure but they are beetle like little creatures grrrrrr.
 Plenty of potatoes we had some last night for tea and they were extremely delicious. I have heard different stories about home grown potatoes , that home grown taste far superior to shop bought and I would have to agree.
 Im dissapointed with my tomatoes this season, something ate a lot of my seedlings so I only have a few plants. I might grab some more today , I hope its not to late to pop some in.
 Corn and punpkins in here
 Zucchini and there is a eggplant and behind the zucchini there is capsicum but dont think they will do to well as zucchini is growing over them . Im not sure if I should move them. Any ideas.
 Loganberries are starting to finish up although Im still getting at least a punnet a day.
 Extended garden , I have a bit of work to do here and some planting to do.
 Vege garden outside my kitchen window, it has a few tomato plants a couple of cabbages, some broccoli and a glut of grapes. I need to get something into the black space.
 Rhubarb is going guns.
 This is better view of mystery plant and spaghetti squash growing around it.
 I need to clean up this garden and top it up a little. So I have plenty of gardening to keep my out of trouble.
 As promised this is a photo of one of the four little bunnies born 10 days ago. Their eyes have just opened, they are simply adorable.
 Last nights tea, chicken parmas with home grown potatoes and broad beans. Unfortunately my carrots didnt grown well so these were shop bought.
 Back into menu planning as if I dont menu plan its to easy for the kids to ask for take away, even the eldest child who is 27 will want to nick out and buy food so I have to stay one step ahead of everyone and say no no no no. I actually think I need to have a recording of my voice saying no. I need to stay organized and on track as we got a little lazy over Christmas.
 This shed is a terrible mess, I really need to get it organized in here.
I tidied it a little, but need to do so much more, so thats another project.
Bye for now xx


  1. I saw your first picture - the beautiful pink dahlia - and thought "wait a minute, there are no flowers in the garden this time of year..." Well, not in Fort Worth, Texas. You know how it is, I'm sitting here enjoying the down time of winter, then I see your wonderful, healthy garden. Hurry Spring... well, on second thought, I can wait. Love your post.

    1. Lol thank you, I often do that when Im looking at blogs and dont realize the blogs are overseas. There are joys to every season x Enjoy the moments

  2. I have the same problem with my zucchini leaves growing so big that they create shade for other plants that need sun. My squashes (little yellow ones) almost never see the sun. The bunny is cute as. The girls (incl Mum) must be making all sorts of baby noises at them.

    1. Yes I should know better than to plant anything to close to them, Im still learning ,maybe next time I will remember. Lol not baby noises but we do pick them up a lot so they will make great pets as they will be well handled. The other day India had one in her pocket of her shirt and it fell asleep it was just adorable.


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