Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Too hot

We are suffering the heat at the moment , these 40 degree days are hideous, I know I should not complain but oooooh the heat.
It is so important in this weather to look after our animal friends.
 Im lucky I have been on nightshift this week so I can keep the pets cool during the day although its not good for me to try and sleep its way to hot.

Several times I go to the chook pen to spray them with water, they have a beautiful big apple tree that covers their pen which keeps them under shade all day.

 Now my house is like a zoo as I cant bare to have the bunnies outside in this heat, I only have 3 rabbits but two have litters of four . I will be glad when the weather cools down so they can go back to the shed .
It sounds like a crazy house but believe me its very clean and tidy , the kids think I have ocd with cleaning which yes I admit I do. But when it comes to animals I think if you keep them you must be responsible for them being comfortable.
So hence this hot hot weather I keep portable cages so they can be inside out of the heat wave.

 We give them treat of apples, and celery to help them cool down

I cant bare to think of an animal suffering in the heat, I feel sorry for the sheep and cows with no shelter from the sun.
Only today we heard of two goats out in a paddock with no water not far from us, so my daughter and I drove out and took water and some fresh cold greens for them. There was no shade or trees or even shelter for the goats, there was no water in the troughs in the paddock and there had not been water yesterday either. A friend of ours rang the rspca and they said they couldnt do anything until next week. I really think that is digusting.
My daughter climbed over fence and took them water and sprayed them with water bottle we took the risk of getting arrested being on somebody elses property, yes it was wrong but so is keeping animals that you dont look after.
Anyway after we braved the heat to go and do that we were back home to keep our pets cool.

 The girls had a cold bath.
 The cats ..... well they just lob where ever and sleep.
The kids have been at the pool each day
We have all been sleeping down stairs as its like a oven upstairs at my house.
So far I have given 6 Indian Head massages.
The garden so desperately needs some attention , but watering is all Im going to give it until this weather cools down.
I hope everybody is coping ok in this heat xx


  1. You should feel our factory. Its a big 5600m2 tin box with ovens in it. The boys started at 6am but we had to send them home by 12.30. Yep, its disgusting out there. I wish more people were like you and prepared to go beyond to help an animal in distress. Ive just been send a photo from home and my Tilly is curled up asleep beside my old handbag, waiting for me. (I changed bags this week). Usually she is asleep at the door when i arrive. Such love they give us so its only right we should do the same for them. Gosh, you are going to be an expert at massages by the time i get there.

    Keep Cool

    1. Thats sounds awful Lynda, I cant cope with the heat.
      Aw little Tilly loves you doesnt she, you will have to post the photo.
      Thats the plan I want to be good at what I do.
      I am a sucker when it comes to animals, the cat we call bubby was actually a litter of 3 and his Mother was taken by a fox when they were a couple of weeks old, so I took all three kittens and we fed them with a dropper and then found them homes , but I couldnt part with him so he stayed. My kids are the same they are all animal lovers and want to rescue everything , I only have so much room at my house though lol. I think I need to live out the bush.

  2. Doesnt your Dad live on acreage. Probably not in his life plan to be a animal rescue centre though. They'd eat well though.

    1. Yes Lynda, 5 acres, perfect spot for all the animals. But no not a plan of his. We would all have to move out there and dont think he would be to impressed about that either.

  3. I know, I know this heat is the pits! We just had 44C here today - its cooled off to 36C now at 5pm but you can hardly notice the difference! Bring on winter, I say!
    So good of you to be wary of your pets in this weather. Those dear little bunnies would fry outside!
    My cat Bonnie, although she is out in this weather, I'm sure she finds a big old tree on the neighbouring property to hide under and I have left a big container of water and food out for her under the pergola and a soft towel to lie on.


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