Friday, 17 January 2014

Coping with the heat wave

 Im so over this heat but thankfully today is much cooler, after a week of high 30 degree days some days reaching over 40 Im glad for the change. I was up at 6 am this morning putting all 11 bunnies back in their outside hutches to enjoy the fresh air, as much as they were getting quite spoilt inside, I need to get organized again.
 With all this hot weather there has been some terrible terrible fires, especially at Halls Gap in the Grampians region. I had just posted not long ago about our day at the Grampians Zoo.
The smoke can been seen where we live which is just over an hour away from the Grampians.

 My gardens havnt suffered to much with this heat, some plants seem to have thrived in this hot weather, like this hollyhock in the middle of my vege garden, my gardens seem to me a jungle at the moment. its to hot for me to weed and tidy up out there.
 Spaghetti squash starting to take form, I cant wait to try these.
 I have a capsicum yay.
 I just love dahlias, have I told you that ..... I think I have mentioned it a few times, but I do, there is just something about them, I hope I get some more colors this year. I did plant some but I cant remember where
 Gladis didnt like the heat to much but they were nearly finished anyway.
 My parsley seems to be coming along although its in a pot with a lime tree and it gets a little shade.
 The dandelions on my lawn are pretty happy, which makes my rabbits happy. Im holding of mowing the lawn so they can have a bit of a feast.
 Pumpkins are in full flower, I bought these seeds of ebay I think they are giant pumpkins, they may taste awful. We will have to wait and see.
 Eggplant is starting to flower
 The 10 day old bunnies back in their outdoor hutch happily sleeping.
 I have blackberries oh how I love these.
 Im still loving the magical pattern on this rose
 The color of this one is just so pretty
 Well Cadbury is a happy boy , he has been indoors for a few days in a small cage but I just didnt want him out in the heat. So he is having a free range on the grass today to stretch those legs.
 My grapes are thriving, all this from a little cutting. This vine was from my Auntie who has since moved house and doesnt have this vine anymore so she is quite happy mine has taken of and is wanting a cutting back from me, Im going to have to learn how to get a grape cutting going as these are the sweetest yummiest red grapes.
 Now when I say "kids can you please organize your school books" I dont mean trash the lounge room aaagh. Some how my organized and their organized is not the same.
 Poor Gizzi is trapped in the room with the school books, she is looking at me as if to say "please Mummy get me out of here"
Look carefully the dogs are trapped in the left hand corner I dont think they are game to make their way through there and step on anything they shouldnt.
Well I have to go now and do something about this hideous mess xx


  1. Oh, thank God we got the cool change last night and a thunder storm with heavy rain! That extreme weather does you in!
    Lovely garden pics - yes that rose is very unusual.
    I miss getting school books and supplies ready for my girls - I was the Queen of Contact when it came to book covering! My dream job would be to work for Office Works in general stationery. Yes, I'm weird!
    Those bunnies are so, so cute especially the one in the pram and Cadbury! Stay cool,

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  2. Hi Joolz , yes I hope we dont get another heat wave, its just to hot to do anything.
    I dont think I share your love of contacting lol . Ive finally got all the books organized and room all packed up all ready to go off to school.
    We havnt had a thunderstorm yet hopefully that may come today xx

  3. hasn't the weather been shocking all over the country? it's hard to keep rabbits cool in these conditions but your guys look very well

    1. Hi Sue, Im not fond of this heat and yes its quite hard keeping them all cool, think they got a little spoilt I was so glad that it cooled slightly today as having all 11 rabbits inside was getting a bit much lol. xx

  4. Still waiting on a cool change up my way. It feels like the heat will last forever at the moment. I've been out topping up birdbaths and checking chookies etc to make sure they are coping ok (I don't want to bring them all inside that's for sure). Your garden is looking great.

    1. HI Tracy I hope it comes your way soon lol I drew the line at bringing the chooks inside , mine have a lovely shady pen and I sprayed them with water .In spots the garden looks nice I think if I took a big picture it would be a bit messy at the moment lol

  5. This is my first year of no school prep. I dont know how to feel, probably a little disappointed, since he has now left school in Year 9. ($80K in private school fees to not even finish). Argh... Still he seems happy to continue tutoring at home and we are hoping to start vocation training this year.

    I feel for the people of the Grampians. I just could not imagine being in that situation and the haze in the sky reminds us that even though we are hot, there are others going through so much worse.

    Its a lovely evening, so cool and ive been out playing in the garden. Your flowers are just the bomb. I love the eggplant flower. Almost as good as a zucchini, my favorite.

    1. Hi Lynda, Tutoring at home sounds great, no buses, no uniforms, no sorting books aaah heaven. Its a lovely night tonight, just beautiful to be pottering around in the garden.

  6. Your bunnies are very sweet. I can just imagine them with the dandelions!
    Yes, back to school organising-how did it sneak up so soon? Must get onto that this week, ugh. Nice to have the cool change at last.

    1. Hi Christene, It would be nice to have a few more weeks holidays, but Im sure they are ready for their year ahead . Im loving the cool change, my energy has returned lol


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