Monday, 6 January 2014


This year is definitely going to be a good year. 
To start the year I'm writing in my diary each day what I am grateful for.
Certainly keeping a blog helps capture so many moments in photos. 
Just appreciating the small things and focusing on the positive .
Today was my first day back at work and I'm grateful I have a job that pays the bills and I have made many good friends there over a 20 year period.
I'm also grateful for my wonderful family and my health.
After work I walked the lake which is 6 km. 
I love this landmark in our town I have so many fond childhood memories here 
Mum took me here as a child to play, my father worked in the restaurant opposite the gardens here , I spent a lot of time annoying him and putting in my order what I would like him to cook for me ( what a brat) 
The beautiful views and bird life are just lovely .

After my lovely walk , home I go and oh look I don't have to cook the menu plan says teneale cooks .
Yep , teneale is cooking spaghetti and thawing out some frozen pasta sauce 
I'm happy with anything as I don't have to cook . 
I'm going to sit down and nurse this little munchkin and think how grateful I am for so many things xx


  1. Lots to be grateful for Sharon. A great idea to write it down, even just the little things mean so much.
    Happy 2014 to you.

    1. Thank you Tracy hope all is good with you, I havnt heard from you in a while xx Happy 2014

  2. I agree that this is lovely post and you/we have so much to be greatful for, especially living here in Australia. I love your lake and i love your architecture and your gardens, and your antique stores and your Beechworth Bakery and i love Goldfields Resort. 16 Days to go till my Ballarat Me Time Escape!!!!!!

    1. Yes we need to focus on all the beautiful things here. I have not been into Beechworth Bakery for years I must pop in some day soon. I havnt been to Goldfields resort. You will have to take a few photos for us. I suppose Im not going to stay there being in the same town lol, If you like antiques take a little drive out to Smythesdale and on your left coming in there is a great one with great prices.

  3. Sometimes we forget just how much we have to be grateful for ... writing it down each day, no matter how small, is a wonderful idea. M x


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