Friday, 10 January 2014

It's Friday

Ok I'm winding down for the weekend as I have a busy one. I have 2 days of learning. I'm doing a Indian head massage course. I'm really looking forward to it.
This is my child being the busy child he is. 
He spent the day at the pool with his friend today . I love the pool it's cheap and it tires him out.
While he was gone India and I nicked out to our favourite Spanish cafe. 
Not so good for the diet, but we shared these. 
We also seen these. How insane , it's way to early for Easter .

While I was out nala never moved. 

I picked that zucchini , looks like zucchini slice or soup .
I also made some ice tea.
Ok you know your going to get a lot of bunny photos in the next few weeks, with  eight babies what else does one do
I also bought this little handmade magazine , it arrived today and it's adorable, no adds , and all the things I love vintage, craft, gardens , recipes. I would rather buy this than some mass produced magazine full of adds. 
They also have a blog and a Facebook page. 
Look them up and take a peek 


  1. You know im going to be there in Ballarat from the 23rd right? That means ill be available for that Indian Head Massage. Better to try it on non family members, i feel and you are going to need lots of practise, to get it just right. LOL. In my other life as a millionaire, i have live in help that gives me a head massage daily. Since thats just fiction, ill have to live off the memories of a time when i visited the hairdressers often and had that 5 min massage over the basin. I do my own coloring now and suffice with cheap cuts places. Arhh memories...... Have i convinced you yet with my sob story? Wouldnt that be weird. Hi Sharon, we are meeting for the first time, now put your hands in my hair???

    1. Hi Lynda, you know what I do need some practice so when your up send me a text and I will give you an hour free Indian head massage.
      Send me an email and I will give you my mobile.


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