Thursday, 9 January 2014

Simply the best

 All I can say is I have simply the best Dad ever. I was telling him the other day I cant seem to keep up with home made snacks and lunches these kids eat me out of house and home and Teneale is a bottomless pit, she is for ever hungry.
Today my Dad produces these for me to pop into my freezer, he made home made pasties and home made samosas {we love samosas} and home made crumbed sausages.
My freezer is now full of lunch time snacks and lunches for me to take to work.

 Im so glad I keep a diary I have kept one since a teenager. I write down everything so if something is wrong in my pay I keep a record. The last three weeks my pay has been wrong , work has had a field day with our pays over the Christmas break and Im not backward in coming forward if I know Im right. It took three weeks of arguing the point that they were wrong and yesterday they finally admitted.
I spoke to somebody else there and they said they thought things were not right but didnt say anything. Nope I just cant let it go. Lets hope next week they get it right. Thank you dear diary for always being my back up.
 The mystery plant that was in my vege garden is a hollyhock and its in bloom today.

 Its quite large, I was given some seeds and this is only one that came up, I cant recall planting them here though.
 A single blueberry, I have had more but couldnt resist snapping this lonely little one.
 Thursday dose of cute.
 This hot weather coming up I must always make sure I have water for the birds and bees.
 Some new colors with my gladis, I seem to have mainly red and white, last post there was a beautiful burgundy , today mauve and hot pink seem to be budding, these must be new. I tend to plant things and cant remember what I have planted.
My mother had every color , she used to send them to school with me for the teachers.

 Succulent flowers

 I love how unusual these plants are, I have one garden dedicated to just succulents.

How hard is it to get a bee photo, I love bees.
I think I would make a great bee keeper Im not scared of bees or spiders they dont phase me at all. Its just snakes Im not fond of.
If I seen a snake I would be out of there quick smart. It could eat my camera I wouldnt care. Im gone
Bees, yes please. This year is my year for bees.


  1. How good is your Dad? He's definitely a keeper, lol! Again, such beautiful flowers and lovely pics.
    I have a huge aversion to spiders, nay, I am arachnaphobic! Give me a snake any day!

    Cheers - joolz xx

    1. Oh Joolz I just comprehend that comment lol a snake aaaaagh .

  2. Can your Dad adopt me too. I never had a Dad (well not after 10) and certainly not one that cooks for you. Oh Yum, Samosas. Our local bakery (about 500m away) was taken over by an Indian family. We all looked at each other, thinking the two didnt go. How wrong we are. Pies and greazies have given way to the most magnificent homemade Samosa. I wish i could be a little fly on the wall when they are making them. Ive never had a crumbed sausage.

    You have so many things in your garden it must be huge but i know it isnt.

    I do payroll (and everything else) and i certainly wouldnt be offended if someone had a issue. I had to try and explain our tax system to a new Italian employee (be still my heart, he gorgeous and that accent - though young enough to be my son). He was most amused and im not sure he understood about the threshold and the sliding tax scale. Good for you for keeping track.


    1. Hi Lynda, everytime we go to a market we grab samosas, I have to say these are the best samosas Ive tasted, he was quite chuffed when I told him this but they are. I had never tried a crumbed sausage either and Im not fond of sausages but he had par boiled these then crumbed them so I just have to heat in the oven, they are quite nice.
      Some days my garden seems huge when I look at the weed factor and work I have to do lol. Be nice to have a garden helper.
      We dont have payroll on our site which makes it difficult our payroll is at Wodonga at another one of our companies, Im a job sharer so my pay is a little different and our team manager is in charge of entering by computer what we work and annual leave , public holidays and christmas shut down , unfortunately he had no clue of how my hours worked. So its all second hand and we really need to keep an eye on things ourselves at times like christmas,. This is his first Christmas there but thought he was right so argued with me over it. Im sure he hated eating his words when he finally realized he was wrong.

    2. One thing ive learned is that although some of the award conditions etc might cause some confusion, workers are very rarely wrong when it comes to actual hours worked. I listen. I'm glad im 100% autonomous on my site. If the arguments continue, it might be worth putting in a time clock. The modern ones operate on a card system and write reports and send data to accounting programs. Still i think your idea of keeping a diary is a good idea.

    3. We have a time clock but because we job share if we work extra days it doesnt register so if they dont ring wodonga we dont get paid even if we clock on, its really silly. In the New Year week 31st dec and 1 jan because in a normal week I would of worked those days but because they were part of our plant shut down the system automatically put it down as I didnt turn up so they didnt pay me lol its really confusing. Everyone else got paid but job sharers are quite special up there lol I think we are a nightmare to work out our pays and to keep track of what days we are working . There is just no system in place. At the start of year I fill out my whole diary of my days im working so I know exactly , the manager has no idea from week to week. Sometimes a girl who job shares asks me how many days Im doing if I say 3 she will say "oh I must be doing two then " lol. I cant function like that Im obsessed with being organized.


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