Friday, 3 January 2014

Home made hair treatment

Living in a house with 3 girls with long hair,  hair care is essential. This year I am determined to use more natural remedies and home made products.
Today we made a leave in conditioning treatment which left Indias hair beautiful and soft.
 We used 1 part olive oil to two parts coconut oil and half a mashed banana.
Then applied it all through hair and left it sit for a while.
Then shampooed hair to remove excess oil.
This left Indias hair lovely and soft.
We will be trying different rinses and I may work on a shampoo bar sometime soon.

 Nutrition is very important for hair , skin and general well being. We love our juices here and after eating way to much over Christmas its time to get back into some healthy eating.
My usual juice is carrot, celery , beetroot ,apple , orange and a decent bit of ginger so it has a kick to it.
Today I added a couple of extras { a punnet of blueberries and a small punnet of loganberries as I have so many}. The juice was very tasty.

 I love to take a relaxing bath so I needed to top up my bath milks.
Today I made lavender milk bath and peppermint milk bath.

1 cup of milk powder
1/2 cup cornflour
1/4 baking powder
10 drops essential oil
1/4 cup crushed oats

This also makes a lovely gift
I will be making some herb bags for the bath with rosemary, sage , lemon balm and rose petals.


  1. It all starts on Monday for me and hubby! Fresh juice at breakfast, 1 slice of wholemeal toast (sometimes I've been having 3 slices!), sandwich and fruit and yoghurt for work lunches (not pies, pizzas, salami baguettes!) and a normal dinner. I will walk for 30 minutes and I want to start listening to my meditation app on my phone again to calm me when I feel a bit stressed. There is also a yoga class I want to try and our Weight Watchers club starts back on 22/1 so hopefully that will keep me on track this year. That juice looks yummy so I had better go dust off the juicer and stock up on some fruit and veggies! Cheers - Joolz xx

  2. Hi Joolz, sounds like you have a good plan there, Im expecting some healthy recipes from you asap lol. You always make such yummy things. xx

  3. I love a good juice. Having a band, sometimes nothing feels comfortable but a juice will always go though and give me the nutrients i need. My favorite is a banana smoothie using yogurt, honey, and banana. I like the idea of a bath but i havent had one for years. We are considering getting rid of the corner spa in our ensuite and also the bath in our main because we all are shower people and the house came with minuscule shower cubicles. We have to squeeze into them so we are thinking of putting in bigger ones. Expensive. I use to have a Brazilian girlfriend share a house with me and she always was walking around with fruit either in her frizzy hair or on her face. It was hilarious!. I do know, that it works. She is now in her 50's and her skin is amazing.

    1. Hi Lynda, yes I love the banana smoothies also, we also love blueberry smoothies. I would love a spa. I must admit if you dont use them they certainly are a waste of space I would definitely go for a fancy shower. I think with some of the facial and hair products we buy we are just paying for packaging and marketing when we can use what we have in the pantry.


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