Thursday, 30 January 2014

Back to school

Its been a very busy week here, organizing all the fine details of starting secondary school.
All the uniforms , books, interviews, sorting books, bus fares { boy are they expensive] yearly bus pass is $392.00 for one child.
Then the final day comes, that first day of secondary school for the youngest child boo hoo.
He was quite nervous, Indy and I waited with him at his class until the bell went and then I get my last hug and oh no the tears started flowing .... not his , mine , he looks at me and says oh no Mum your crying , why are you crying oh you better go before you embarass me , so of I go with Indy with her arm around me leading me to the toilet so I can fix my face, the teachers informing me it ok he will be fine and you go and have a coffee in the staffroom. Oh the embaressment of it all lol.
When I went to pick him up he informed me he loved it and had a awesome day and he loves secondary school...... phew.
What did I do while he was at school, well I have a glut of zucchinis so I was busy making lunch snacks
 Zucchini slice for the freezer, I always make two.
 Zucchini and chocolate cake I made one for the freezer also

Oh dear and even though I made all these things I still have loads more and even more on the plant. Ive made soup the other day and froze it. I might try zucchini fritters, think I need some more zucchini recipes.
Now tommorow Indy is back at school so the house will be quiet until they get home.
I just have to survive this heat wave which Im not fond of at all.


  1. Glad he enjoyed his first day.

    Those zucchini/ courgettes do tend to take over. Every summer we end up with a ton of them and anything my mum cooks is known as "courgette surprise", it's a very long running joke!

    1. Hmmmm I may have to resort to some zucchini surprises lol.

  2. I know what you mean. Im am inundated with Zukes. The boys were watering but didnt harvest and so i have several that are over 2kg. Arghh....... I think chocolate cake might be the go, but i wont say anything about what's in it.

    Your son looks very handsome in his uniform. I think its so cute you cried. Shows how much you love him. He might be embarrassed only a little but inside he would be beaming.

    More hot weather on the way, im afraid. Not looking forward to my power bill.

    1. Oh yes Lynda, we will be eating zucchini for ages lol. The cake is delicious and they wont know there is zucchini in it. Yes my baby is now in secondary school . I dont like these heat waves, I find it to hot to get out into the garden . I hope you all are going well and surviving ok in this heat.


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