Sunday, 29 December 2013

Busy days

A busy few days with a few snaps from my phone.  I love to get out and about and visit local attractions, below is the lake at daylesford such a beautiful spot for a picnic , there is a cute little book shop to browse through while your there. 
      We visited a couple of local lavender farms, Yulong above .
We had barbecues with relatives 
I have never been this close to the wind farm we stopped to listen if they made noise, we could hear a light noise but not much there were so many turbines. 
Beautiful sunsets
Naughty puppy dogs who are told to get of the new couch so just to let me know who is boss they climb on table instead and sit and stare at me as if to say so there.
My cousin on the left had a new baby girl Madisyn PInk and she is just the cutest 
Local Spanish cafe I found serves churro's yay. 
This is the second lavender farm we visited lavendula.
Also collected mineral water from Hepburn springs 
Lavender drying, I watched while they picked lavender today as last year I killed most of mine as I pruned them way to hard. So this year I'm planting all new bushes, I love lavender maybe next year my pergola will look like this with lavender drying from the roof

Yep I can see it now 
Happy holidays everyone x

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  1. Great Photos. I love lavender too. Ive been planning a trip to that lake myself. Perhaps on my Me Time holiday late Jan. The new couch outside looks so inviting.
    Ive seen that same windfarm and i didnt think that it made noise either. There are new designs that dont have big blades and so make no noise at all. I cannot work out why Australia doesnt have solar panels on everything. The one thing we have in abundance is Sun. Im sitting in my work factory at the moment with about 5000m2 of roof space over my head. Unfortunately the panels are too expensive. Why are they able to afford them in Germany. Anyway, i digress, glad to see your photos.


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