Sunday, 5 January 2014

Me time

I'm taking some time to relax and enjoy those bath milks I made. The bath is heaven although in this house there isn't much privacy 

Watchful eyes 

They like to know where I am even when I make the beds they check out they are not missing out on anything. Although having them all stare at me while having a  bath I'm starting to feel guilty.

Oh well I will just tune out and read my book while they wait patiently for me to get out. 


  1. Ah but they are so cute! My cat always used to like to sit in the bathroom with me when I was bathing.Not so much now she is getting older.

  2. Tilly pushes the door open on the toilet while im in there or comes into the bathroom and watches me have a shower. Very cute but a little unnerving. Its a battle to get in the front door because she wont stand back enough for me to walk through. Id pick her up but im always carrying bags. I love "Tilly Love".

  3. Lol yes we just cant even go to toilet in peace and the pets are checking where we are. Tilly is adorable you must post more photos of her innocent little face lol x

  4. Goodness, it's a bit like having kids around that follow you into the toilet. I'm sure you enjoyed your bath though and I hope the book was good! :)
    Anne xx

    1. Well Anne its either the kids or the animals that follow me or are knocking on the door, of the bathroom . My bath was heaven and the book is great. xx


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