Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Life in a day of a shift worker

This week Im working day shift so its up at 5.30 am and off to work, quite a busy day only got to sit down in my breaks which was a bit tragic.
Finish at 2pm, drop into the oppshop which is on the way home , purchase a few items for ebay then home.
Its such a beautiful day today so those lawns are calling my name, so mow I did.
My lawns are a pretty good work out as my whole block is on a hill and have to push the mower up hill to get out the front, it takes about an hour of up and down hill so Im pretty buggered right now.
Once the lawns were done its in to package up my ebay sales for the day to post in the morning, feed the chooks, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs and cats.
Im pretty lucky as the days I work the kids go to their fathers house so I dont really feel like cooking tonight, I know I know Im lazy but my partner has offered to bring some noodles over so noodles it is.
I bought a new book at the opp shop which there is a photo below so I will kick back and relax tonight, then do it all again tommorow.

 I think this book will be good reading
 Whilst Ive been busy lazy bones has been kicking back on the couch..... I want to be a cat
 I had to take a photo of the view from my balcony of the beautiful blue sky, spring is just around the corner yay.
 Just a couple of shots of the backyard with freshly mowed grass on a fine day. I love that smell.
Im hoping on the weekend I can spend the day outside doing some much needed tidying up.


  1. What is your ebay shop address?

  2. Hi Lynda it is
    I havnt quite worked out how to put link on side of my blog yet.

    1. OK So its clothing. Lots of vintage. Im such a weird shape i have to try on. Hourglass is an understatement - the short kind.


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