Saturday, 3 August 2013


Ebay has been a life saver for me. Eleven years ago when my ex husband left and I had 2 babies and a teenager I had just had Tyler my youngest and could only go back to work part time, I had to pay a mortgage and all the other payment that go along with keeping house, it was quite a struggle.
I had relatives come to stay and they were always buying and selling on ebay and they said why dont you give it a go, at that time I didnt even know how to use my email I barely used my mobile phone and they wanted me to try ebay ugh.
Things were so tight financially that I decided I would give it a go they wrote down everything on a piece of paper step by step how to sell, not that they really needed to as it actually leads you through the process step by step when you click on sell a item.
I dont think I ever looked back.
As money was tight I often visited opp shops to clothe myself and the kids I started of by putting a few of the kids items on there that they had grown out of, then some of mine.
Every now and then I would pick up something from the opp shop just to put on ebay it would usually be brand name items, Ive dabbled in making jewellery out of old jewellery and sold quite a bit on there when the kids were young.
Ive mainly sold clothes though.
I even taught my Dad how to sell on ebay now he loves it, he has dabbled in  selling books and now he sells old postcards.
I now have a store on ebay which I only started last year and im quite happy with that at the moment.
It has helped me pay for school fees and what not.
I usually list once a week, I oppshop each week only on my way to places that I usually go to then bring the items home and place them in my spare room on a rack
 When I get a chance I photograph the items then I place them near my computer ready to list as I measure each item for listings.
 After the items are listed I place them in order of size in walk in robe in the spare room.
The kids usually know if something doesnt fit anymore or when we are having a spring clean it goes into the ebay room for me to sort for either ebay , the opp shop or our garage sale.
 This is Tylers collection of pokemon  I have no idea about this so I will have to look this up before I sell it as he did have some ninja turtles he didnt want anymore and we did have it in the garage sale section but I thought I would check on ebay what they were going for as you dont get much at garage sales for things and we ended up getting $30.00 for his turtles so he was happy.
 This is the garage sale section, we dont always have this but we are having a declutter and a spring sale, usually it would be opp shop or ebay.
 This is the room from the door its a bit messy at the moment because of the garage sale items eventually all that will go and I will just keep all ebay items in the walk in robe . I plan on using the room as a reiki room.
 Another pile of garage sale items oh I cant wait for this sale Im getting a bit sick of the mess but I need to get stuck into the spring cleaning my deal was every room every cupboard and drawer and shed ugh, I have so much to do.
Here is a link to my ebay store

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