Sunday, 25 August 2013

Flying stars workshop

Today I did something a little different, my partner and I attended a feng shui workshop here

Feng Shui is the study of the relationship between you and your environment.
The flying stars workshop was very interesting and informative, I have read feng shui books before but they really dont compare at all to this.
To start we need a plan to scale of our house

This is my downstairs and upstairs plan, we also needed to know the date it was built and the date we moved in. We had a compass reading where it sat. Then it was divided into 8 sectors then all the numbers represented mountain stars and water stars. It got quite confusing at certain points.
There is certainly some re arranging I will be doing in next few months and adding different bits and pieces.

Some little pieces I will be adding to different rooms the first object is a gourd it is to absorb illness energy.
The second and third items are metal on metal bells to dissolve negative energys from star no 5 area of your house. This probably makes no sense to readers and Im not superstitious at all but Im really interested in energies. I found everything that was happening in my house and who slept in what area when my house was divided up into sections this all made so much sense.
It is to hard to explain here as Im only beginning to understand but if anyone is interested I suggest doing a workshop. If you feel connected to the earth like I do this is all about our connection to the earth as it is the five element theory
The lady who teaches this is also teaching a workshop in horticulture with feng shui added to it.
her link to her facebook page is at the top of this page.


  1. Can you find our where my energy has gone too, cause it ran away. Interesting workshop. Expecting all future posts to be peaceful and in harmony with the earth. LOL Dont be offended, im in a cheeky mood. Off to bed before Hubby remembers that i said i give him a massage. If i can be asleep first, he may just let me off the hook. I have perfect excuse. He has day off tomorrow and i have to work.

    1. HI Lynda Im not offended at all lol, it was an amazing workshop, not sure about the anti spam thing I know if I comment on someones blog I never see a reply I have no idea where that goes Im still working out the whole blog thing.

  2. Hey! just testing. You antispam thingy has had completely obsecured numbers and i dont know what to type or whether i am getting through.

  3. I've obviously heard of feng shui but I didn't realise until I read your blog how much it entailed! I'm quite intrigued by the energies and will certainly look into it more.

    1. HI Edith Rose, I never thought it was so entailed either, it really was fascinating and every room we talked about those things certainly happen. Its very interesting from a business point of view as well as you see some businesses do well for years then all of a sudden they fall in hole. In China they would not open a business with out consulting a feng shui master first. Very interesting stuff.


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