Sunday, 25 August 2013

Enjoying the small things

 A walk in the garden today admiring all those beautiful colorful flowers starting to bloom.

 Im trying to plant every week as I want to attract many bees as eventually I would like to keep some bees.
 My little bay tree and rosemary bush below Im also wanting to make a herb garden or maybe a herb spiral

 Nectarine tree just about to blossom
 My garden ornament just doesnt compare to the little family portrait below of Neve and her two daughters.

 Like I said I want to try and plant every week and today I planted tomato seeds from last years crop into these home made pots, I also planted some freesias and a couple of cuttings from my Aunties house but have no idea what they were, I have a lot of things in my garden that I cant name, I think I need to get some body around who can tell me what all the plants are as I have got quite a few cuttings from people over the years.


  1. Gorgeous, your growing season is just beginning and it wont be long til ours is slowing down!! I have really enjoyed seeing spring flowers but it still seems strange to see them at this time of year when we live in UK!

    1. Hi Anne, yes it seems strange when I look at photos on other peoples blogs and see everything in bloom and especially growing all the summer veges, it makes me look forward to the season here.

  2. Beautiful flowers. I need to get some in this year. Last spring was all about creating the veggie patch and now i need some colour.

    1. Hi Lynda, yes Im trying to get more gardens growing to attract bees, one step at a time though.


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