Saturday, 24 August 2013

Back to it

Back into the swing of jobs around the house, lucky my daughter needs some pocket money as I allocated jobs to everyone today.
Downstairs vacuuming for Tyler, upstairs vacuuming for Teneale, dishes, carport sweeping and dogs bathed by India.
Dogs clipped by myself and cages cleaned by me.
Then of to visit an unwell relative, then grocery shopping.
Its nice to get some help around the house , there are so many more jobs to be done but just not enough time in the day.
 How do you blow dry a dogs tummy, hold a smacho {dog treat} in the air then dry.

 Bunnys get to free range on the weekend, Neve didnt like the idea of the guinea pigs getting all the treats so she hung around for her piece of apple.
 Guinea pigs must have vitamin C mine love quarter of oranges they eat them often.

 My almond tree has just broken into blossom and its stunning.
 Gizzi sporting a new hair do
 Big cat not really wanting his photo taken, he is being held under protest, he is really a smoochy cat .... when he wants to be.

 Nala is such a lay back girl.
 Kat is the wild one, but extremely smoochy and very vocal.
Milly is also the naughty dog who scratches flat out on the door to get in or out.
Hopefully this week I can get some more things done outside and the weather starts to improve.

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