Monday, 5 August 2013

Letter writing

Yesterday I had a phone call from my Auntie who lives in Melbourne, it is my Fathers sister her husband has dementia and she is his carer, its hard for her to get out and visit and she doesnt own a computer.
I think we sometimes forget that some older people dont have email or facebook to connect with relatives and some dont even like ringing mobile phones, so after chatting for an hour on the phone I decided I would write a letter and print up some photos for her to take a peek at.
I also wrote another letter to my late mothers sister who lives in South Australia , they dont have a computer either, its nice to keep in touch with family members who dont have all the modern technology of computers and I bet they love getting letters in the mail to know somebody is thinking of them.
 I had a lovely old vintage writing set that I used

 Took some photos of the girls for the letters, I love this girl, I have a broody silky at the moment so Im looking for some fertilized eggs think I might go this breed as they are just stunning and lovely natured birds.

 I also moved my compost bin closer to the vege patches so not so much work to shovel compost where it has to go
On another subject {de cluttering} Rhondas blog "Down to Earth" had a few ideas on clearing clutter one suggestion I quite like was put out one thing a day you dont use for the opp shop or garage sale in my case, so quickly tonight I rummaged through the kitchen drawer and found these which I have never used and dont plan using so off they go.

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