Saturday, 10 August 2013

Beautiful day

Today was just a beautiful day outside, we have had some really wet and windy weather lately and I have been dying to get outside in the yard and get some planting done.
I potted up some seedlings today, no decluttering was done but maybe weeding counts as I did a bit of that today.
 My chooks had some treats of some clucker tucker I had been growing for them, I think I might dedicate a whole garden for them in spring.
 Bunnies out free ranging all day, woke up to a new litter of guinea pigs photos to come.

 Lazy Nala wasnt bothered to do much at all.
 New shoots coming up everywhere, loganberries above, all the fruit trees and rose bushes, I cant wait until spring.
 vege bed dedicated to garlic
 Dad had been baking all morning some shortbread biscuits for the kids and they were delish.
 I had pansies growing in pots at the back door they didnt seem to be coming along very well, I think this could be why
Just to finish of a bowl of Dove milk chocolate if you havnt tried it, its a must it really is the nicest of milk chocolates, I used to like cadbury dairy milk but dove is soooooo much nicer even better than Lindt.


  1. Ha Ha! That is so funny, that cat in the pot!

  2. Hi Ailsa
    yes she is pretty naughty I was wondering why the pansies were taking so long to grow and looked stunted.

  3. You are right, that looks like a pretty beautiful day. Great photos. The bunnies are really cute and i love your chook tucker. Mine, at this moment are still on the concrete despite having the gate open to the back yard full of grass, veggies, compost and sunshine. I minced some carrots that were old for them this morning and they didnt eat that either. Strange Chooks.

  4. Hi Lynda, thats strange they dont like scraps , maybe they didnt get any where you bought them from. If you pick the grass do they eat that. Its been a great weekend for getting things done around the yard. x


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