Saturday, 10 August 2013

Chickens are addictive

I just love chickens, I love watching them, at the moment I have a broody silky I tried moving her into another pen last night as I was planning to get some fertilized eggs today but she didnt like her new nest so I just put her back in the old one with the other chickens so hopefully she can hatch these eggs in there.
I took a trip out to a friends house who has all sorts of chickens so hopefully I have some luck with them.
I got 3 wyondotte eggs, 2 orphintons and 2 australorps.
 I love these belgium d uccles these photos are at my friends
 Light sussex were such friendly birds.
 Even a couple of emus
 Plymouth rock rooster was just stunning
 Cute little pony
 These ducks were so friendly followed us everywhere wagging there tails they were just like dogs, oooo I would love a ducky.
 This splash orphington tooster was just stunning if my eggs hatch he is the daddy.

 Kangaroos in the background
 Back home here is the little sheba yak guinea pigs born yesterday there are just two its not a great photo didnt want to disturb the happy little family
 Broad beans flourishing
 lettuces coming along
 broccoli all leaves at the moment no heads in site
 my laundry bench is covered in seedling trays that I have planted all sorts of things in.
 My potting corner from cuttings from the garden divided up quite a few things today and replanted and also potted up

 bok choy
 fairy garden


  1. Fingers crossed that all your eggs hatch, we have such a large fox population here that I can not consider chickens while I work. maybe next year when I give up completely.

  2. Hi Pam yes I have my fingers crossed I lost the last lot to a crow, oh believe me once you get them you will love them. Try fox proofing the pen with chicken wire on the ground as well so they cant dig under.

  3. Oooo Daddy is beautiful. I love them also. I could watch my bantams all day, thought rarely get the chance too. Good Luck with eggs.

  4. I'd love some chickens myself but we dont have the room.They are such gorgeous little things arent they and with free eggs that you know are fresh-perfect!

  5. My broccoli is mostly leaves aswell!
    Love from Mum


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