Thursday, 27 June 2013

Just another day

                             Just another day

Just a average day for me rise at 5.30 am start work at 7 am make lollies for 7 hours { a dayshift day]
then home feed the pets, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits , chooks.
Oops I forgot I squeezed in and opp shop , on my way home from work considering I havnt been to one in 2 weeks aaaaagh.
I found 2 vintage dresses and some awesome vintage material
Then it was of to pick up the kids from school, my son is now on school holidays yay, and India has one more day to go.
Then outside to trim the grape bush and mow the back lawn , the front lawn can wait until tomorrow, this is the first time I have mowed since before summer has the hot summer killed all the lawn and it has looked awful, its just coming back now but quite untidy.
 A couple of vege beds in the making using scrap materials.
 Lawn all mowed
Garden in progress, like most things in my yard  they all seem to be works in progress, they are mostly layered no dig remains of guinea pig cages and chook pen and some horse poo.

While I was busy outside slaving away pushing the lawn mower my camera has quite a few shots of children taking photos in their latest fad "onesy`s" as they are called

Clucker tucker that Im growing for the chooks

 The pact I made is that everyone is to help out and that's exactly what we did tonight. Tea is on and its chicken souvlakis, the two girls had to chop and grate salads and Tyler did the dishes whilst I cooked the chicken and put them together
Now everyone can relax for the rest of the night ,,,, thank goodness as Im buggered xx


  1. Sounds like a hectic day!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Hi Liz, lol not in this house,

  3. Me too. Last day of the year (for accounting people) and its been flat out for weeks. Im looking forward to saying hello to my new chookies as they are asleep when i leave and asleep when i get home. I just want to cuddle them. They dont seem to like kitchen scraps. Huh, i thought they would love them and i even chopped them up to bantam size. Trust me to get fussy eaters with bad feet. I can see your fences are like mine. I wish i could have a few days off to put in some poles for trellis to espalier fruit trees and grape vines on. It doesnt take too long and you wont be able to see the grey wood. Grafting day coming up in July.

  4. HI Lynda, lol they don't like kitchen scaps gee that's usually a treat, what about fresh grass, when I pick grass for guinea pigs I also pick some for the chooks, I throw all the garden weeds and clippings in there and they just sort through them and kick them everywhere they have a carnival.
    I would love to try the espalier fruit trees I really would like to do the permaculture course, but no time this year, maybe next year I will do it.
    I notice you make cheese oooo I would love to give that a go too. So many things I would love to do don't think there is time to be bored. x


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