Friday, 14 June 2013

So many things to think about

I havnt blogged for a while as I've been so busy with things happening around the home. I'm actually having a go blogging this from my phone so hope it all works ok. 
Changes around my home my eldest daughter has moved back in and it's very different and challenging as we all have a routine and kids have jobs and help out  which I think is fair . You can't expect one person to do everything ,so without sounding like a nagging pain in the rear ( actually no I have been a pain in the rear ) but slowly getting her to be part of job circle and trying to explain why. Some days I have felt like exploding I can assure you living here is no holiday. 
Speaking of holidays I'm taking one and I'm sooooo excited.
The other news is I'm thinking about selling my house and building so the next few weeks I will be doing a lot of thinking. I love this house I have planted everything here. The rooms are huge the soil is awesome I love my vege gardens and pets making jams from my berries and fruit and cooking sauce from my tomatoes . I don't like the stairs and would like to have single story house but have to think about starting from scratch and planting all over again. Also the size of rooms in newer houses are so much smaller than my rooms . So after my holiday there will be major clean out and garage sale. Then decide sell or stay . 


  1. Lots and lots to consider. Make sure that you are in a happy space for thinking so that other issues dont cloud your judgement. Hmmmm have you looked at the Yutube video of the "tiny Houses". Perhaps yours is OK and just need decluttering. Hate to have to do all that work on the garden again.

  2. What a wonderful blog, all the things I love, rabbits, food, vintage china, rabbits, vegies gardens and did I mention rabbits?
    I came over from Rhonda's blog today!

    1. Hi sue thank you for stopping by, yes those are my passion bunnies, guinea pigs, chooks, vintage gardens ect ect


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