Thursday, 20 June 2013

Not much time to blog

I must say I did plan to blog each day while away but time has got away and by the end of the jam packed days I've been to tired and I'm only blogging from my phone so I only have a few photos to work with.
I've been checking in with my daughter at home each day she is 26 but not used to looking after all my pets , that's been amusing . Thirty minutes after leaving home she rang me and asked me why the cat was miowing I thought to myself oh no this will be a nightmare. 
The second day a chicken escaped and she had to chase it around the backyard to catch it , oh how I would of loved to see that. She also informed me she felt like their slave opening and closing the door for them lol. 
In the mean time we are having a lovely time on the Gold Coast yesterday I drove down to Byron bay and crystal castle that's truly amazing I took many photos but have to post when I get back this is only photo I have
There were crystals everywhere truly beautiful. Very scenic and winding drive.
Everyday we have been swimming and in the sauna at the resort then embarking on an adventure for the day .


  1. hi Came across to your blog from Down To Earth. I have really enjoyed reading back through your blog posts, Your attitude to living a more simple meaningful life is such a positive one. Thanks for the inspiration on a wet Friday morning!

  2. Hi Veronica thank you for stopping by glad you have enjoyed my posts, x


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