Friday, 28 June 2013

Friday on my mind


Friday morning is opp shop morning , this morning was terrible 6 opp shops and nothing not one single solitary thing boo hoo, oh well these are the breaks sometimes you find heaps and sometimes you find nothing, today was one of those days.
This is the vintage dress I found yesterday along with the vintage material I just love the bright bold prints although everyone doesn't have my taste as when I bought it home my eldest daughter Teneale said ugh that is revolting lol. I looked and said look at the beautiful colours nope it was still disgusting to her , oh well some vintage buyer will love this .
After the opp shops disaster I got the front lawn mowed and a lavender bush pruned a couple of weeds pulled { I will slowly get there.}
Tyler and I cleaned out the dvd cupboard, a step closer to decluttering whole house every drawer every cupboard I have decided once its all done and garage sale is over Im treating myself to level 2 reiki course.
Menu planning is still ongoing tonight was home made pizzas and they were delish not even time for a photo.
Tommorow night is easy since I will have extras staying in the house it will be easy spaghetti I cant go wrong there.
My menu planning has meals written down for 2 weeks but I can swap nights around if I like.
 I really don't like tv much so I stay busy after tea, tonight was using up the last of my loganberries from my garden and making a batch of jam and using those black bananas for banana bread that we will have toasted tomorrow. Which reminds me I have frozen bananas in the freezer so with the spaghetti we will be having banana smoothies .
Then to the computer to blog my 12 year old daughter India has decided she would like to start a blog also here is the link to her blog

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