Sunday, 30 June 2013

Typical Sunday

Sunday morning usual a stack of pancakes, as everyone arises they help themselves.

While the house is quiet I enjoy a cup of tea and a browse of my favourite blogs
Puss comes in for his morning biscuits and they must be freshly poured.
When everyone is up we take a drive to Smythesdale to Dads house and take him lunch here is a quick snap of his latest collection ... comic books
 After feeling guilty about my bare garden on the way home I stopped at the local nursery and bought some plants and planted carrots
 bok choy
 I couldn't resist this rose
and a blueberry bush which I havnt had much luck with in the past

 Can I help you plant Mum
Attentive eyes watching me plant

 Sunday nights roast chicken dinner
Thats Sunday


  1. Looks like a perfect day to me.

    1. I doesn't come any better than that!

  2. Good luck with your carrot seedlings. I've tried twice now and no matter how careful i am with soil prep and thinning them they have come out a twisted mess. I am told i need to do seeds instead. Yummy roast. My dog follows me around while i garden also but his nose is so out of joint since the chickens arrived. I'd like to say that i am giving him extra attention, but that is not possible with this dog. He has run of the house and yard and chooses whose bed he sleeps in etc. He doesnt like the small amount of time i am with them and why cant he come out with me.

  3. Hi Lynda, I tried the seedlings as the last lot of seeds I planted didn't germinate I planted a whole bed and nothing. Your dog may get used to the chickens Im lucky with my dogs as they are used to all my animals they like to mother when there are baby rabbits or guinea pigs its quite funny.

  4. I love that sunday morning quiet too! before the world wakes up. your roast looks nice, wish i knew how to make good gravy! Heather x

  5. HI Heather,
    Mornings are the best, I get so much done in the morning its my favorite time of day. Thanks for dropping by x


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