Wednesday, 26 June 2013



Ok the holiday is over now, its time to get back to reality and I have sooooo much to do.
Im full up with the flu at the moment and the jobs around the house a looking very daunting.
I have decided to do things in small steps as looking at my gardens there is so much weeding , trimming and mowing to be done, let alone my decluttering of the house ugh.
Before I went on holidays I was sure I wanted to move now Im pondering on the thought after Lynda commented make sure your in a good space when you decide to sell.
As there has been quite a few changes in my household since my daughter moved back home I think I need to address that before I make any big decisions about moving
Step 1 is to do a little outside each day so its not such a big job, today I trimmed two rose bushes and pulled out a couple of weeds { just a few hundred to go ugh}.
Not to bad since I started back at work today and I have the flu.

Step 2 is to clean up one small space each day even if its only one drawer. Things are starting to pile up for my garage sale, I cant wait as the room Im piling them up in looks hideous and I want to turn that room into my reiki and relaxation room.
At the moment there is stuff everywhere and this picture is just one corner.
What doesn't sell will be sent to the opp shop.

Step 3 Is to get back into spending less money so menu planning and getting the kids on board is going to be a task, these things about living simply are the way I want to live but when the kids get to a certain age it is a mind boggling trying to win them over as Im finding with my daughter she seems to be following the trends with what the other kids are doing and getting and wanting. Drives me a little crazy but slowly getting some good ideas across to her about creating her own look and making her own clothes look a bit different , just the other day she bleached some cut of shorts with splatters they looked great we picked the shorts up from the opp shop they cost $3.00 and we seen something similar in a chain store for $40.00 so she was pretty impressed.

Over at
she had some great ideas on her blog today and I think I will be calling a family meeting once a I have my notes all written down how we can all work better as a family and help out .
There must be balance and just not the one person doing everything all the time.

This front garden is at its worst at the moment with so many weeds and plants needing to be cut back, but one step at a time.

 I would even like to have some time for a new craft project "feather hair extensions"

I know they look yuck but tomorrow I will be making banana bread after work along with chicken souvlakis for tea.
Menu planning for the school holidays will be all planned out tonight for the next two weeks including what I would like to bake.


  1. Wow, you are certainly motivated and refreshed. Always a good time to get stuck into those chores that have been put off, just dont over do it or you will need another holiday. I so need one right now but i am an Accountant and its Year End and at the moment i cant see that light at the end of the tunnel. Hubby is going to Tas for a week of work in July and i so wanted to carry his suitcase. Not possible.

    Yep, those bananas are looking like bread to me... Yum.

  2. Got to Rhonda's Down to Earth today. Its called claiming your ground. This one is for you.

  3. Hi Lynda
    I do feel refreshed even though I have the flu, I also have taken your comment on board about being in a good place if thinking about selling.
    Oh yes it will be a busy time for you for the next few months, maybe after that you could take time out. Tassie is beautiful pity you couldn't go .
    By the way glad you finally got your chooks, have been loving your posts xx


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