Monday, 24 June 2013

Home sweet home

                    Home sweet Home

Finally we arrived home this evening, what an awesome week we have had but I must say its good to be home, we arrived a bit to late to go outside and check on the menagerie but were greeted by a few.
The house is in one piece, I was a bit concerned about my 26 year old daughter looking after everything but she did a pretty good job although she slept in every bed, she did make them but didn't make them like me so it was noticeable as soon as I walked in the bedroom lol.
I was going to blog while I was away but was to tired by the end of the day.
I did manage to read Rhonda`s blog
this is the blog that started it all for me.
I have included a couple of photos from my holiday from my favourite place of the trip which was crystal castle at Mullumbimby this place is just beautiful.

Now its back into the swing of things posting parcels from a back log of ebay sales, then back to decluttering the house and work boo hoo.
Oh there is one thing I didn't do while I was away is I didn't go to an opp shop , not one single one I seen them but I didn't go in,

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