Saturday, 1 June 2013


                            Chook pen

 The weather is getting wetter and the pen is getting quite slippery, the girls appreciated the refurbish today. I raked out the old mulch and put down some woodshavings and straw for the girls to scratch up also pulled a few weeds from the garden and trimmed some rose bushes and put them in the pen for them to kick around.
 They rush out of their house to check out anything new

 They scramble quickly for the morning scraps
 This is the old mulch from the pen its beautiful and rich and went straight onto a new garden Im building , I wont plant anything in it for a while it will get built up over winter, the chickens do a fantastic job of composting
I keep my worm farm in the chook pen and a few months back my son knocked it over and I thought I had lost all the worms as I had checked several times and there was nothing, but today there were quite a few but I couldn't get a decent photo as they buried into the mulch, so I will have to start feeding some scraps to them again, this will be going onto the new garden as well.
My girls have done a great job with the mulch pile in their pen, Its just plant prunings and weeds and leaves and old hay , they get in there and kick around and scratch it up and poop through it.
Now they have turned it into beautiful rich compost for the garden.
Chooks have to be the most useful and entertaining pets, I just love them

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  1. Me too, when i get some. For now i make do by visiting friends with chooks and getting all clucky. Truly, i must look and sound like an idiot, but a happy one. I must admit that the winter chook yard is hard to keep fresh. Im planning a solid roof and gutters that fill a tank for the garden. Hopefully by doing this and using nipple drinking hoppers, i should eliminate most of the dampness, which is where the smell comes from. Wood shavings are a good idea.


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