Saturday, 29 June 2013

Its the weekend

Its the weekend and we shall forage around where ever we please.

I think this little girl is divine, just a ball of fluff.

My girls on their way out to watch their Dad play in his band.

One of my next projects is to spring clean this before spring perhaps, ugh its a nightmare in there.

Winter in my vege garden is quite poor at the moment, Im just getting the gardening mojo back now after my holiday, I don't know how people become self sufficient I really need to learn so much more about gardening. In this garden I have broad beans and more broad beans and have just planted some lettuces. I did have onions I have no idea where they disappeared to I think the cats may have dug them up.
This vege garden just has broccoli growing  not that its a great photo and they are only small.
There is a few bok choy plants in there.

Rhubarb is still going , the kids love it.
This bed is full of garlic from last years cloves, not that its a great picture either.
I have 3 more vege beds with nothing in them so I really should get cracking.
Im getting there slowly, finally finished trimming the rest of the lavender bushes today.
I will trim another couple of bushes tomorrow.
I decluttered one storage area today and pulled out quite a few things for the garage sale.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend x


  1. Sounds like you are having a busy weekend! Don't work too hard.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

    1. Just a usual weekend around here lol

  2. Love that bunny face! Just nipped over for a poke around while I enjoy my cuppa.


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