Saturday, 1 March 2014

Storing zucchini

 Jeepers I have a glut of zucchini, I have made so many things from zucchini lately and given a couple away.
I know I will be sad when its all used and mid winter I may want to buy a zucchini so I have decided to grate it and place 1 cup lots in the freezer for when Im going to need zucchini and its not growing free in my garden.
I hate to waste anything.
All the zucchini peel has gone to the chooks and worms and eventually will end up as lovely mulch on my garden.
 Im starting to think I really should invest in another freezer as between berries , garlic, zucchini and all the rest of the stuff in there. Im running out of room. I also have a glut of potatoes and thinking maybe I may blanch some and freeze Ive never done this before so not sure how that will turn out.
After grating a heap of zucchini I still had these left and then again tonight I just picked 5 more aaaaagh.
I might have to do a bit more grating tommorow.


  1. If you have zucchini slice you can freeze that as well in slices for work lunch. That uses up a bit. Im looking at my zucchini pickle and thinking am i game to open them, maybe next weekend. Your baggies look so neat. I use a method of vac packing i saw on a blog done by and really old lady in the US. You close up the bag and leave just enough room to poke a straw in. Suck on the straw really hard to remove air and just whip it out and seal up the little gap. Works a treat.

    It was a big big weekend and i am too tired to post tonight so ill save the beautiful wedding pics and Tom's birthday weekend for tomorrow. I am in need of sleep. 4.30am wake ups start tomorrow.

    PS. Tom says if you need help taste testing he would be happy to help out if you are feeling sick.

    1. HI Lynda, I have frozen zucchini slice and zucchini cake, I have stored zucchini pickles so now Im resorting to just grated zucchini. I have seen that method of sucking out the air with a straw but I didnt have a straw and there wasnt much air in them so in they went like they were lol. I bet you are so tired what a huge weekend you have had. Lol tell Tom its not always nice stuff that we taste, We drink salty water, sour water, water with msg, Bitter water and sweet water. By end of day if I have to taste any more water I was about to throw up lol.


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