Saturday, 29 March 2014

2014 Melbourne Garden Show part 1

We were pretty lucky we had a lovely day for it, this is where we sat and ate our lunch.
We had caught the train from Ballarat to Melbourne.
So much to look at
 The crowd was huge I think next time I would go on a week day although I was a little let down this year as there was nothing on permaculture or no animal nursery not that I could find anyway. There was nothing to do with bees as after all we have these beautiful creatures to thank dont we. Anyway there were some very talented people who created some lovely displays .
This part one is of the indoor displays only.


  1. There certainly are some lovely displays from your photographs. Do you practice permaculture? I'm just starting down that road in a very small way and would love to hear what you are doing? Enjoy your Sunday.

    1. Hi Anne, I try Im a learner still. I keep chooks and worms and compost the chook waste and rabbit waste. I grow certain things that are in season that I use often close to my back door then the rest further down the yard. I have fruit trees and berries. Im hoping to do a bee workshop this year so I can keep some bees. Im learning all the time.Like you Im just doing it in a small way at the moment and slowly trying to improve along the way. xx


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