Saturday, 29 March 2014

2014 Melbourne Garden Show part 2

 Ok we are onto looking at the outdoor displays. I quite like this idea of a shipping container with the garden on the roof.
 Oh how I wish my succulent garden looked like this, but oh well I have plenty of ideas now.

 The neatest vege garden ever
 Oh look a bee

 Lynda look here is that secret garden mirror I think I want one

 I would love this in the backyard
 I quite liked this idea for recycled pallets

 I have some pallets that I might utilize now

 The hanging baskets were quite inspirational.

 and very creative

 Finally home and what a inspiration this is lol. I had better get to work
 Because no one else is going to do anything they like to lay around and mess things up
 and climb on my plants
and glare at me when I disturb them


  1. Ha Ha Ha very funny - now go to Sunday's post and it all looks good to me.

    Gosh, lots of ideas in that lot. Glad you enjoyed your day.

    I cant wait to put my mirror up, but i want it to have something decent to reflect. I think that one is a bit spoilt by being able to see the fences either side. Remember Noelle's, with the little gate and the trellis in front. Im trying to think of something similar. I have 4 small pallets at the moment. Just need time to work on them and get them up. Need to stay home occasionally i think. A staycation might be on the cards over Easter.

    1. Where did you get your mirror again , I know its not a mirror but it is a great feature. Lots of ideas and needs lots of time spent at home to complete some gardening tasks lol

    2. My "mirror" was made by the engineer at work (designer) and Frank our welder extraordinaire. Its a one off (which i hope can be duplicated another time - fingers crossing). It is polished stainless steel and the frame is brushed aluminium i think. The same engineer designed and created the program on the turret punch and brake press for the corners of my veggie beds. All i did was order in the iron at the lengths i wanted.


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