Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Opp shop Tuesday

 Back into the swing of things and getting my opp shop on. Today I found quite a few garments for ebay and just two vintage items for myself.
I love vintage tablecloths especially linen. This one is so pretty. I have a friend who hates them as soon as she comes over she walks in the door and comments what horrid Nana cloth have you got on the table today lol.

Also this quaint little vintage bird cage, I love bird cages. Of course its not for a bird but I plan on making a little garden feature with it. Maybe a shall put a fake bird in there.


  1. Thats exactly what it is, a nana cloth because my Grandmother had the exact same one. Oh, so many memories. Isnt that the point! Not forgetting. She must be a good friend for you to put up with such disparaging remarks. LOL. My bestie is the same. No one insults me more than she does. I went to a vintage wedding two years ago and at the garden party the gum tree was hung with bird cages at different heights. It was so effective.

    1. Yes Lynda I dont think anyone has insulted me as much as this friend I find her really funny we are like chalk and cheese but she makes me laugh with her insults.
      I seen those photos of that wedding I wish my trees were big enough to hang bird cages around like that as that looked just beautiful

  2. There's nothing wrong with a good 'nanna' tablecloth!!


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