Saturday, 15 March 2014

A day at the beach

After a hectic couple of weeks coping with some stressful situations I was determined to re charge my batteries this weekend , rain hail or shine we were going to spend the day at the beach.
What a perfect day to go when it isn't to hot but still nice enough to swim.
I didn't take my phone or camera but Indy had her iPad so these photos are care of Indy. 

At times there was rain but swimming in the rain is fun. Also we had a beach shelter oh how I love this to kick back an relax . Tyler didn't get out of the water only for food then he was straight back in. Indy and I looked through the rock pools as she loves taking photos. 
A great day had by all.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend 


  1. Where did you go? Photos are great. Looks like a great day. Why do so many freak out when it starts raining. You are at the beach or the pool and it starts to rain and everyone runs for shelter. WTF? Glad you got some down time with family.

  2. Hi Lynda we went to Torquay I love that beach. The beach is beautiful when its raining so serene. I needed that down time lol.


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