Monday, 3 March 2014

Sunday garden images

 Sunday I did a little tidy up and moved my potting area so I can keep an eye on it more, just outside my kitchen window.
 Finally I have a new dahlia color. I couldnt even wait for it to be in full bloom before taking a photo.
 I know I have posted these roses before but the colors never cease to amaze me just how beautiful nature is.
 This is on the same bush but it is a lighter shade

 This is the bed I pulled all the potatoes from now you can barely see but it has silverbeet and kale seedlings
 My gardening helper
 Its a bit like a jungle at the moment
 I have no idea what sort of pumpkins these are but the vine is huge.
 One of my beautiful bunnies
 Told you it was a jungle
 My little lime tree with parley growing lovely

 My beautiful big rooster he isnt crowing yet and I really dont want to give him away I have several people want him but I just cant part with him waaaaaaah he is too friendly.
 Gerti is the biggest sticky nose and is always at my feet.
 Another pumpkin
 Moussaka is in order
 Just outside the kitchen window grows the grape vines and tomatoes and cucumbers, half eaten cabbages
 Tomatoes starting to ripen
 My favorite dahlia
Finally grapes starting to ripen these are the sweetest juicy grapes


  1. Beautiful! Gosh, it must lift your spirits to go out there. All i see now is Kikuyu running through my beds. Arghhhhh.... Your flowers as always are amazing.

    1. My garden always lifts my spirits thats how I de stress . You have the best grass I have seen. I have no grass its dead now.

  2. The flowers look absolutely beautiful and all the veg so healthy ... what an amazing garden you have. Love your helpers too ... !
    M x


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