Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunday rest day

Its nice to actually get a day at home pottering around outside I really need it for balance in my life, I dont actually rest as I find that a bit boring I have to be doing something always.
But just to be at home and potter in the garden is lovely .
The day started out cleaning out rabbit pens and chook pens.
 Which is great for the gardens lovely rich mulch.
 The girls love me being around
 This is blackberry she is such a beautiful little girl
 This is Cadbury he looks forward to his time out I suppose all bunnies do. I try to let them free range as much as possible.
 These girls were my first ever chooks they are so friendly and love a nurse.
Linda you would be proud of me. This is all I bought at the flower show and today Im planting
 My partner bought me this for my reiki room, its a air plant in amethyst.
 I thought it appropriate to pop these little chickies by the chicken pen.
 The comfrey is all starting to die down now.
 I have never seen lime balm, I have lemon balm growing madly I hope this lime balm takes of too
 I have no idea what sort of pumpkins I planted but I think they are just about ready.
 My kale and silverbeet coming along, Im looking forward to making kale chips. I mainly grow silverbeet for for the chooks and rabbits.
 Look carefully my little helper fast asleep in the garden

 My one and only sunflower.
 My dahlia flower which is one of my favorites I really would love more colors , I bought a yellow one at the flower show.
 Todays harvest of grapes and there is still heaps on the vine. This grape vine was a cutting from my Aunties house and they are the most beautiful sweetest grapes.
 So we spent the afternoon removing them from the vines
Cooking them up and bottling into grape juice

 Todays bounty
The final result a mess and Im lucky I dont have to do these as this mess is for India and Tyler as India wanted phone credit and Tyler wanted a game and they didnt have enough cash so they have to work it off. So this weekend is a bonus I have had pets bathed, I havnt had to do a dish all weekend, vaccuming done.
I must say they did look at this pile of dishes and said oh no and my response was "do you want me to take your phone and game." hmmmm I thought not


  1. Gosh that sounds like a great weekend. All those grapes. Im going to be contacting you when i need a cutting. Can you get one started for me?
    Well Done you. Its very tempting, that show, so many great things but you controlled your spending well.

    Your girls are lovely and are your bunnies. Hmmm Lime balm. I dont really do to much with my lemon balm. Good for the bees i guess but im not much of a tea drinker.

    Enjoy your work week and good job with the kids. Toms Psychologist told me "He who holds the gold, rules". We need to use everything at our disposal to keep them motivated to do what we ask.

    1. I sure will take a cutting I hope I can strike one Ive never done it before and I have a few people wanting some so I better get onto youtube .
      I like that he who holds the gold rules. I do find that works well though.

  2. Terrific photos - now onto Part 2

  3. It's lovely seeing what you have in your garden and your animals are adorable. I bet the grape juice tastes lovely. Do you keep it in the fridge?
    Anne xx

    1. Hi Anne, The grape juice is lovely I keep it in the fridge. xx

  4. Sounds like the perfect day, it was Mothering Sunday in the UK and I had a lazy day out. Fran had been home since Friday evening so we took her back to London and had a long stroll round her local park. A light lunch first then a leisurely drive back to Lincolnshire armed with some Reese's peanut butter cups, my weakness. Tey will have to wait a while as I have given up chocolate for Lent but the waiting will make them all the better.

    1. It was Pam, It sounds like you have been having a lovely time. Giving up chocolate oooooh thats a tough one , for me anyway considering I work in a chocolate factory.


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