Monday, 31 March 2014

I am a lazy gardener

I think Im the most lazy gardener I dont like to dig, and when I read about lasagna gardening and no dig gardens well... they were the gardens for me.
In this house things get done gradually and most of my yard is done bit by bit all by me so its a work in progress all the time and there is always something to do. There is nothing flash in this back yard everything is mainly from recycled materials.  My back yard is on a sloping hill and is terrible to mow as there are rocks popping up through the earth.  In the picture below I decided to plant fruit trees and place a garden around them so I dont have to mow around them. Eventually the dead looking grass will be replaced by crushed rock so its a bit like a food forrest.
As you can see the garden isnt quite finished I start of with cardboard then heaps of horse manure then I have the waste from the chicken pen, compost and then I will finish of with some mushroom compost and peastraw. But its still a work in progress oh and then there is what plants will I plant around the fruit trees.

 This one above is also still a work in progress I only have cardboard and horse manure on this so far.
 Im still working on this one above, Im upto putting on the mushroom compost then plants
 This is the same one but further down the yard it needs a top up of compost as well and gravel where the dead grass is.
 You get the general idea I just dont dig this was all just placed on top of the grass, the photos are not that great but you get the idea.
 I had somebody make these vege beds from old pallets
 This is just outside the chook pen and its the same idea no dig just compost. Im slowly filling them with plants
This is my helper she doesnt like to dig either.


  1. No dig gardening is fantastic and I've been reading that the less we disturb the soil the better. You are certainly going to be rewarded when your trees start fruiting.
    Anne xx

    1. Hi Anne yes its my kind of gardening and as much as it looks dry in photos its very rich and and full of worms its lovely compared to what used to be there. I cant wait until they all start to fruit xx


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