Thursday, 27 February 2014

Taste panel yum yum ......

Taste panel for a confectionary company sounds pretty good doesnt it.
Ive been on taste panel for about 10 years and believe me its not as good as it sounds.
For two days straight we have had training sessions which I must say are informative but ugh being a taste testers his hard yacker.
You know as a taste tester usually your opinion doesnt matter if you like it or not as the term they used was we dont give a diddly squat if you like it or not, we just have to be able to pick up certain attributes in things and that is what we are trained to do.
Our 5 basic senses play an important role
The eyes
 This milk being pink you relate it to strawberry but part of our training was they mixed this all up, so it was better if we closed our eyes to taste
 Smell is another one, boy was that hard, especially when most of the flavors they use are from a flavor house and I found that hard to pick as they are not natural flavors, I dont think they liked my comment that they are training us to recognize artificial flavors when they should be using us to make their flavors more natural. Be buggered if I thought some of the flavors smelt anything like natural flavors. Anyway my opinion doesnt
The mouth and taste
sweet, sour, bitter,salt and umami
were the tastes we had to pick out in different solutions it got especially difficult when they added 3 of these to water and we had to pick them.

The ear
is the sound while eating crispy apple or crunchy chips
this one we didnt have to worry about to much as thats fairly easy.
I must say my senses are pretty tired right now, the last two nights I havnt felt much like tea, I have left work feeling like if I have to swallow one more thing I will gag.
My taste buds are fatigued.
Every now and then our opinion may matter if we are asked which product do you like more.
But in general its not the case as everybody has different tastes.
Ive worked out the worst taste in my opinion is bitter, I just cant swallow that one
Thank goodness we are allowed to spit.
Anyway hope everyone has a good weekend, Im of to rest my taste buds.


  1. That does sound like hard work. I hate those open ended questions where you know they want an answer but really there isnt one. Who cares what it taste like or what its made of. We do but they dont and so they will put it out there anyway as the latest thing and people will buy it because its new and it comes with a groovy promotional TShirt or freebies. Arghh it must be frustrating for you as it is for me. I work in the electrical industry when what i really want is to work on alternative energies like solar and wind. Sometimes i feel like im part of the problem. Do you feel this way sometimes Sharon. I know you are so so healthy and such a good cook but i guess needs must and we all need a job. Its a hard one isnt it.

    That milk looks like strawberry, doesnt it. But a real strawberry milk shake isnt really even pink. That's why i like cloudy apple juice. It actually looks like it should. I can see the apple, but when it is clear and brownish well, it just doesnt look right.

    Tom and I both love bitter. From an early age he decided that tonic water was a favorite drink and bitter lemon is one of mine.

    Cheers Big Ears. (Who would know under all that beautiful hair, im just joshing)

    1. Yes Lynda I get a bit frustrated and everyone looks at me like Im an alien lol. But to me chemical flavors taste nothing like or smell like the real thing and yeah sure once we learn those smells we can recognize fake nutmeg or cinnamon or any other fake smell but it dam sure doesnt smell like the real thing so in future I wonder if they mind that I write on my paper fake cinnamon lol. Im so difficult arnt I. When Im there I feel like a rebellious school kid, I better be good they might expel me. NOOOOOO bitter is disgusting and I hate tonic water lol that is why they said we dont care if you hate it or not as everyone has different tastes so people who love bitter things would like it,,,,,,,, to me it tastes like crap lol.
      Lol big ears ,,, my kids say that as when I hear them back answer under there breath I know what they have said and I can hear them saying geez how did she hear that I yell out " I heard that too " then everyone just looks at each other lol

    2. We have Mothers Ears!!!!


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