Saturday, 2 November 2013

Springfest in ballarat

It's been a very busy week at my house I seem to be getting no where fast. 
The weather yesterday was beautiful , my eldest daughter is home for the weekend so we all went to the lake for tea. 
It was a lovely night with entertainment , music, highland dancing and food. 

The photos arnt great as my son was in charge of the camera. 
Just on dusk they let lanterns go across the lake which looked quite pretty.

Today was another story ballarats weather is a bit unpredictable but myself and my two daughters ( my son stayed home with pa ) went to the lake once again to the springfest which is stalls all around the lake ( 6 km) I didn't get many photos as I was freezing and the rain and wind was a little crazy then there were short bursts of sunshine. We got quite a good laugh out of getting drenched. I'm glad I didn't make my son come as I'm sure he would of whined the whole way he usually gets run over by prams with out fail last year it was four times he wasn't a happy camper. 

There was quite a few people there besides the bad weather which was great . Weather never deters me . 

Indy didn't want her photo taken she was being a grinch.

Taking shelter from the rain. 
I hope the stalls still had good takings besides the rain it's nice to support small businesses and local artisians in the local community . 


  1. Gorgeous Girls youve got. Yeah, it has been crazy this weekend for weather but today (Monday) is beautiful. Im still decluttering and think i need an Ebay shop but cant be bothered. What do i do with photo frames, mostly wooden? I have stacks of all sizes. Please dont give me a craft project.

    1. Hi Lynda thank you they are a bit special. Yes today is a beautiful day Im catching up on ebay listings as I had got a bit behind. Hmmmm photo frames I havnt got a clue since you tell me you dont want a craft project. You could have a garage sale or facebook has buy swap and sell sites that are not to bad for selling of unwanted goods.

  2. yes it was a shocking day weather wise and so cold and those poor ladies that fell out of the dragon boat into the lake would have frozen,lake wendouree is such a pretty place for a walk.xx

    1. Hi Shez, you must be from Ballarat also, I know we were right there on that side when they were swimming to shore, think the conditions were a bit rough for rowing. My hands were like ice, this Ballarat weather is a little crazy the night before we were sitting up there with shorts sleeves at night lol. The lake is a beautiful spot.


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