Sunday, 24 November 2013

Mondays menu plan

Monday = baked potatoes with the lot
Tuesday = chow min
Wednesday= left over chow min as I usually make a heap
Thursday = beef and red wine casserole in the slow cooker
Friday = Enchiladas { chicken] with sour cream
Sat = Chicken parma with veges
Sunday = Roast chicken

Other bibs and bobs will be 
chicken sausage rolls
choc chip biscuits
coconut and honey cake
jelly slice
scrambled eggs, poached eggs, omelettes { because eggs are abundant}
Happy Monday everyone 
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  1. Ill be over on Friday, OK? Save some Jelly Slice. LOL

    1. Welcome anytime lol cats and kids will be excited lol ....... Remember you told me you were a magnet. Funny you said that everytime I go outside now the next door neighbours kids are up on the fence talking to me the whole time .... mind you all about gardens and chooks and they are about 3 and 4 lol

  2. I really must get my act together and be consistent with my menu planning, You have a lovely sounding list there. The jelly slice is a favourite at our house too :)

    1. HI Tania, yes its hard to stay consistent sometimes the things I have on my menu I swap around to different nights but I do like to have a plan in place as if I dont the kids could try con me into take away lol

  3. Thanks for reminding me of baked potatoes. Have not had them for ages! Love the look of those pancakes too :)


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