Sunday, 24 November 2013

Plodding along

 Friday night I picked a laundry basket of broadbeans and guess what I did Saturday morning.
No one put their hand up to help either
 So I decided to turn the internet modem off until 4pm Im such a mean Mum.
 Then leave a note.
 My sons breakfast { he loves tomato sauce} ugh
 After podding and blanching the beans I had picked Dad rang me and said I will come over and pod some beans for you. I didnt tell him I had just finished but thought I would race out into the garden and pick another basket full just for him . Im a mean daughter ....
The chooks loved this mess.
 Nala busy at it.
 Quite a few of these my son helped me collect and feed to the chooks
 The only request Dad had was that he could watch the cricket.
 He actually got Indy helping out as they love to chat to Dad.
My eldest daughter was no where to be seen she is back home again for how long any ones guess is as good as mine. Think I will be extra stressed now unless she gets a job { this girl is hard to motivate}and you may as well try and talk to the wall.
 I have a new little friend and he is adorable .... check out his beautiful blue eyes. He has the most beautiful nature. Pets are such good therapy.
Little Blackberry is growing up she is beautiful I think the nethies have to be my favorite breed of rabbit they are very friendly and  easy to handle .
I hope everybody has enjoyed their weekend XX


  1. Your rabbits are gorgeous and yes pets are wonderful therapy. Haha I quite often resort to turning the internet off (sometimes even having to go as far as hiding the cord) in order to get them up, moving and motivated to do something :)

  2. No. 1 and only son has decided that 4 hrs work X 3 days a week (for now) is too hard and tiring. After two days he wants to quit or that he can just have a day off. Im at a loss. It took so long to find a job. Without any schooling he will always have to do manual work and yet he is lazy and has a sense of entitlement that he shouldnt have to work too hard for pay - so Aspie. What? You actualy want me to work? I guess this is also a Gen Y. He thought he would be cooking but spends alot of time cleaning out grease traps down near floor level. Not what he imagined. Im sorry, though i would enjoy the shelling of them, im not eating broad beans. You are not a mean Mum, you are an excellent Mum. Well Done for following through. Aspie's do not connect dots of discipline with bad behavior. Frustrating!!!

    1. Hi Lynda I have been wondering how Tom went with his job. Its so frustrating isnt it, I really think its that generation my daughter is 27 doesnt want a job or would rather centrelink than work for money, so every time there is fight with boyfriend she is home and boy do I turn into a tyrant as I swear I have some compulsive disorder about repeating myself { get a job, no sitting around in this house doing nothing, clean up, make your bed, do dishes } I think thats why Im trying so hard with the younger two about doing jobs for their pocket money. But boy motivating an adult is tough work mentally. Im so drained. I feel like a ogre, I know all the nagging in the world isnt going to do much good. The old saying you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink ....... or can you......... what about a boot camp aaagh

    2. There is a place in Ballarat its called BRI they do manual work packing lollies, is Tom good with computers. He likes gaming to doesnt he, a gaming shop he would love.

    3. Yes, very good with computers and has tried all the computer shops local. Ha Ha, i can just see Tom packing lollies. One for the bag, two for me, one for the bag, two for me. I can see issues there. You are right. I cannot make a six foot giant get out of bed if he doesnt want to. I just cant get the idea that the dirty jobs belong to someone else. At 16, what makes them qualified to do only what they deem to be worthy of their attention why are they better than the other person that has to do the dirty work. Im a Commercial Manager and yet i still wash the coffee cups in the kitchen and run around after a factory of men, being their mother.

    4. Maybe he could do something online or from home fixing peoples computers. Yes packing lollies isnt good the very day I started working where I do thats the job I had and I ate that many M&M s I had to go home sick .
      Eek 6 foot I can see getting him out of bed against his will to be a bit of an issue lol.
      I can still see familiar things here though. My daughters Dad offered her a job picking up glasses at the local night club just for some cash in hand money. Her response was "Im not picking up glasses" are you kidding me. I think I hit the roof that day , that was a couple of months back when she was home for a bit. How hard is picking up glasses I could not believe what I was hearing . Hence he hasnt offered to help out again. I suggested retail this morning " I dont want to work in retail its sh..t money" um now what does one say to that. lol.
      Im off to sit in the chook pen and talk to the neighbours kids about gardening


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