Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Chicken with herbs

No not the cooked kind.
Im talking about the fresh herbs from the garden given to my girls.
A couple of times a week I sprinkle fresh herbs around the run and nesting boxes.
Mint, lemon balm, rosemary, Bay, Sage, Oregano, and they quite love rose petals.

My girls are now a big part of my day, when Im feeling stressed I often go down the pen and watch them and their antics. They provide us with beautiful eggs and rich compost for the garden.
I like to know that they are happy and comfortable and they have certainly become comfortable with me wanting to be picked up and are quite friendly girls.
My pen isnt flash by all means and in winter can become quite muddy so every few weeks I lay down shavings and straw. I throw most of my weeds in there into a pile for them to turn over.
 I have also just started using food grade diatomaceous earth sprinkled where they dust bathe this amazing stuff kills mites, lice,fleas and ticks and other parasites.

 The pile in the corner is the weeds that they love to climb all over and kick around

 I dont prune the big old apple tree I keep it entirely for shade for the girls in the warm weather.
 This is Sage last week she had sour crop { I had no idea what it was until I googled it}
She had been confined to a pen on her own and given the royal treatment with massages three times a day, reiki, apple cider vinegar, natural yoghurt after her massages I would tilt her forward and she would vomit a sour liquid. After a week she is back to her old self foraging around with the rest of the girls { apparantly sour crop can be fatal } thank goodness it wasnt for her. My daughter said to me I wondered what you were doing down that yard with that chicken lol
 My two cochins have now been moved in with the rest of the flock and have fitted in nicely heads down bums up loving a bit more freedom
 My broody girl no longer broody and no more fertile eggs baby chicks were not meant to be this time
This is one rose that petals wont be going to the girls I think its way to pretty.


  1. Oh, i agree. How beautiful is that rose. Im a firm believer in that you get what you give out and those girls certainly have some giving to you. Sounds like the score sheet is even. Goodness, i dont think your reiki instructor gave out instructions for using on chickens but if it works.....

  2. Well done on treating that sourcrop at home, not a pleasant experience I should imagine. What lovely photos too as always

  3. I have really enjoyed seeing and hearing about your chickens, they look so lovely.
    Anne xx

    1. Hi Anne, I do tend to ramble about them lol xx

  4. that's so funny, i was just wondering today if it was ok to give chooks herbs. I have two golden wyandottes, but don't really know much about chook ailments and have never heard of sour crop before, sounds pretty revolting. ramble away about chooks and gardens, i could read all day x

  5. Hi Max, yes they quite love them, gold lace wyandottes are beautiful, you must post some photos. Mine love rose petals as well. x


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