Monday, 4 November 2013

Getting there

Last week for some reason I got no where fast. The housework piled up I have a list of things I need to do and would like to do but just need to get on top of the organization.
Last night while at work I wrote out my menu plan for the week and a list of jobs that need to be done. 
Yesterday I caught up with my ebay listings.
This morning I finally made the dogs something a bit tastier than tin food, although I get dog food extremely cheap through where I work like pedigree and dine but I really dont like the tin food for them their coats look awful at the moment. 
So this morning after work it was chicken mince,silverbeet from the garden, grated carrot, flaxseed oil, cheese, garlic, rice and carrot bubbling  away on the stove, phew did it stink. But Im sure they are all going to enjoy it even the cats.
As I got out of the car this morning I seen this in my front garden

Spiders are just so clever I loved this web.
I forgot to say I have 3 new additions to my hen house
 Sage the sussex
Rosemary the blue lace wyandotte

Gerti the plymouth rock, she is just beautiful and so friendly, these girls were given to me by a friend, they had been with a rooster so the top two have a few feathers missing from their backs. They are first year layers so I will be looking forward to plenty more eggs. They have settled in nicely after a bit of a pecking order session they had it sorted out.
Miss Nasty Pastie my silver lace wyandotte is very broody and no body can get near this nest. She has about 8 fertile eggs under her I cant even check them as she pecks me.
She isnt moving for anyone. Hopefully I have a bit of luck hatching these.


  1. I too am amazed with spider webs. they are incredible. Love your new chooks. Menu plans always work for me. If I don't do one it puts my whole week out and I hate getting dinner ready. if I have a plan in place meal times are a breeze.

  2. Hi yes I agree if I menu plan Im organized for the week and know exactly what Im having and what I need I dont over spend on ingredients, I try work with what I have.

  3. Webs are amazing, spiders are not - probably the only thing i run for the hills from. Ive been cooking up a storm these 4 days and working my butt off decluttering. Love the chooks.


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