Sunday, 10 November 2013

Menu plan Monday

Well its a pretty easy week this week as the kids are going to their Dads for a couple of nights and I am working afternoon shift so I will just be taking my dinner to work with me.

Monday = spaghetti
Tuesday = curried cauliflower soup
Wednesday = quiche and salad
Thursday = going out for tea
Friday = Apricot chicken
Saturday = baked potatoes
Sunday = Roast chicken

Other snacks to be made are
Stewed rhubarb as we had some from garden last night and it was just delicious.
orange cake
mint slice
golf balls

As I have no photos of these meals as yet take a tour of my garden x
 Lillies growing in the vege patch

 Broad beans are delicious at the moment
 Parsley going to seed
 The winds have knocked the broadbeans around
 My beautiful sweet purple grapes coming along
 Tomato seedlings planted, well some of them anyway.
 Finally my second water tank is up now to make a garden in front to grow something up them , maybe a passionfruit.
 Loganberries growing beautifully I hope they are ready by christmas as I have a few recipes I want to use them in

 Potatoes in abundance
 A few cherries
My new barrel with the lime tree growing in it and very small parsley seedlings growing around the base of tree
Hope everyone has a great week x


  1. Your garden is looking lovely. The loganberries will be a real treat. You just reminded me of apricot chicken...have not had that for ages! Have a great week, Cheers Tanya

    1. Hi Tanya yes the Apricot chicken its and oldie but yummy. x

  2. I wanted to arrange some flowers in a tiny little vase to have with my "tea party" yesterday and the only thing i could find was dill and Garlic Chive flowers. LOL. I seriously need to get some more colour planted. I love these barrels but Hubby doesnt so i dont have any. They are perfect for small trees. My lemon is not doing so well in a terracotta pot. Have a good week and enjoy your mornings before work.

    1. Hi Lynda, I think my garden would drive you mad I have things all over the place {no structure} your favorite style of gardening lol. I really would love more flowers as Im planning to get bees next year and would like to have plenty of flowers for them.


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