Monday, 11 November 2013

Chicken dilemmas

If you have been reading my posts you would know Im having a dilemma of the girls all wanting to use one nesting box. I have a broody sitting on fertilized eggs and she wont let me near them. The other girls have resorted to laying on top of her.
Now after much consideration I decided to do a bit of a cage shuffle so I could put this girl on her own just in case the other girls hurt the chicks if they hatch.
I havnt many photos as I was quite busy.
So I put a thick jacket on and some thick gardening gloves so Miss Grumpy Bum couldnt peck my skin.
I lifted her whole nest of eggs with her still sitting firmly in place pecking away at me and the cord hanging from my jacket and I moved her to another smaller cage.
She sat firmly in place the whole time.
I went inside to answer the door and I came out and low and behold she was off the eggs ugh.
I checked her every 30 minutes but no she had decided to sit some where else.
So I thought let me see if I can get a silky to sit on these eggs , so in I went again and got Snowball my white silky and placed her in the pen with the eggs and grumpy bum.
About an hour later I went to check and ....
Sure enough Snowball is in the nest on the eggs and Beatrice {grumpy bum} is sitting besides her.
I have put some tin up to make this cage as dark as I can as they seem to like a dark quiet place when sitting on eggs.
This all happened yesterday , now today I have gone down and Beatrice has now taken place back on the nest I didnt get a photo as its pouring rain outside. But glad she is back on the nest again.
Talk about a chook shuffle
 My younger chicks had to have a cage shuffle to compensate all this, so my two black mottle belgium d uccles are here. They will always be in a seperat area as they are to small a breed to go with the rest of the flock.
 My two cochins are in another hutch until they get a little bigger then they can go in with the other girls. Look carefully Nala is on the other side of the cage.
 My newer girls have settled in nicely this is Gerti and super friendly
This is Sage she was a little naughty at the start but has settled in now.
Rosemary the blue lace settling in nicely as well, cant wait until her feathers grow back.
Its certainly been a busy week with chickens this week.


  1. Musical chooks. Glad they have you to watch over them. Old cranky pants is certainly amusing. Chook psychology is beyond me.

  2. Who would think chooks would take some much rearranging. Glad that someone is sitting on those eggs and I hope they all hatch out beautifully. :)
    Anne xx

  3. Missing your chook chatter, garden pics and recipes this week.

    1. Hi Lynda Im a bit out of sorts this week . Dam girls the chicks were due to hatch this week but yesterday they got of the nest for whole day Ive placed them under yet another chicken but not sure that they will hatch now ugh.

      Not a happy camper.
      Need to get myself pepped up asap x


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