Monday, 25 November 2013

Opp Shop Tuesday

Being a bit slack of late and I havnt been opp shopping to often.
But the times I did go I found some cute little pieces
 Above is a beautiful Italian glass set. The quality is just beautiful all for $3.50 . Im keeping these.
 Patty tins which I have already sold on ebay they went the day I listed. I already have some of these so thats why I sold this lot.
 Cute little trio for $2.50 Bell China made in England "Meadowside"  a keeper

 Would you believe I didnt have a quiche dish until a couple of weeks ago and I had to nick out and buy one full price it was quite huge the one I bought. I seen this one for $1.00 so this is definitely mine.
 Aw isnt she cute I couldnt leave her there she needed company
 Um I have no excuses for hoarding bears.
 Now a word about buying vintage items, as you know I have purchased a cheap vintage dresser for $100.00 it needed a bit of work , I was going to attempt it myself but I have been quite busy of late so my ex husbands step Dad is helping out.
Now he is a perfectionist and comes from the building industry {retired now}
Wow and the work he has put in. { I would of just slapped a coat of paint on it}
But he has stripped it back to raw timber, drawn my attention to borers in it  ..... something I would not have even looked for { I will now} but he has treated it with turps which he assures me will get rid of them.
Primed it. Taken the whole thing apart and glass out and replaced runners { I thought runners were what you wore on your feet } , I cant wait to see the finished product.

Im hoping I get it in time for Xmas to display my opp shop finds in.


  1. Wow Sharon, you had some good finds at the op shop. I particularly love the beautiful cup, saucer and plate. I have had similar ones passed down to me that mum used to use many years ago.

  2. You are hopeless Sharon. One to sell, one for me, one to sell, two for me...

    I had a step dad that was a furniture restorer so i saw many examples of broken items with 15 coats of paint enter his workshop and leave looking like they were made yesterday and worth a million bucks. There are many beautiful pieces of furniture in the family. Funny i didnt seem to inherit them but that might have had something to do with the fact i couldnt stand him, and he knew it...

    OK, since you are going to shop anyway, please let me know if you come across some individual pie tins or an enamel one for family of 3. The absolute in first world wants is long onion fork. You know the one you use to get pickled onions or gerkins out of jars. They exist, honest, so if you find one, you have a buyer.

    I do need advice on how to set up an Ebay shop properly. Hubby has mountains of electronics to sell and i like the idea of things LEAVING the house and not coming back. Im dreaming though if i dont think that he would take the money and buy something else. Hence, if i give stuff away nothing comes back in. Much better.

    1. I know Lynda , I have had a good clean out to opp shop and garage sale, I still need to do more though I think.
      I will keep a look out for you. My Dad often sees pie tins there is an awsome antique shop and Smythesdale the lady who owns it gets all sorts of things and her prices are very good, Dad goes there nearly everyday, so I will tell him to keep an eye out as well.
      Ebay is easy if my Dad can open a store you definitely can.
      If you have a ebay account , go to their site map which is down the bottom then go to ebay stores or selling. Maybe its something Tom might be interested in trying out, there is certainly a good market there.
      To get a bit of an idea at what you are selling and if its worth selling on there, type it in and go to competed listings which is down the side and it will tell you what prices that item sold for.

    2. Both my boys are into retail therapy so i try to keep them away from online purchasing as much as possible. Tom doesnt get money yet (he runs about 4 yrs behind his actual age) and still thinks im buying him a Hummer from US for his 18th in two years. The pair of them were discussing Xmas presents last night and apparently my husband agreed to buy him a laptop. We have 6 computers already in the house. No doubt, Hubby will have something in mind for himself for the same value and so feels that if Tom gets this much so should he. WTF. $$$$ Aspie dont concern themselves with retirement plans and paying off mortgages. That's my worry... and i do.

    3. Oh dear Im sorry Im having a giggle um a hummer. I hope you dont want to retire anytime soon. You do certainly have your hands full there. Selling on ebay is not for them as they may buy more than they sell eeek.

  3. Some fab finds. I love that little teacup and saucer set. A real bargain and it will be good to see the dresser when its done.

  4. i love gold detailed glasses, these are just lovely, quite festive too. REALLY looking forward to seeing your dresser x

    1. Yes I cant wait for dresser myself he did say I would have it by Christmas lol x


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