Monday, 18 November 2013

A small thing

Isnt it funny how just small things can send you into hibernation from the world , like a bad week at work, nothing really major but one small thing can set of dozens of other things that other times you wouldnt think twice about.
For some reason my place of employment is sending me insane , could it be I have been there to long {20 years today] or could it be that in 20 years the changes in a large company gets on my nerves or is it just Im getting older and more intolerant. I should be grateful I have a job yes I know. I find the care factor is getting less and less.
Maybe I just have my own little world at home which I retreat into and it seems worlds away from that place of employment .
Im grateful I have made so many wonderful lifetime friends there so thats a good thing about it.
It pays my bills
It supplies me in chocolate {which I rarely eat from there]
So there are my reasons to be grateful.
Beware this blog is a bit of a ramble today as its the first post back after feeling like crap for over a week.
So today with camera in hand down the yard I went { for you Lynda} my bloggy friend.
 This is what Im grateful for ...... Friends
Such beauty in a single bloom such a simple flower {Iris} very easy to grow but stunning
 Look at my dresser now. Im a slacker I just havnt had time to strip it myself so I have had my ex husbands step Dad over to help out
 An opp shop find for a whole $2.00 I think they look quite cute in the garden.
 I bought 2.
 So easy to grow gazania but such beautiful blooms
 Turn away now Lynda, Ive taking a shine to all sorts of odds and ends in my garden, my Dad found this cute vintage pram so now it is a new garden piece. Nothing structured here lol.
 When I bought this rose I didnt really expect it to bloom like the picture { I dont know why} but look I cant wait until it opens

 Another non structured item in the garden which I plan to mosiac
 My beautiful little belgium duccle { yep its a rooster}
 and he is trying to crow already I love these little birds they are the size of a magpie this color is black mottle he is only young so his mottle isnt quite through yet. The roosters can get a bit flighty but he isnt as yet. I have him and a hen "Samson and Delilah"
 Now this beauty is my cochin rooster they are gentle giants, he is just a babe I have him and a hen "Romeo and Juliette" I had only planned on getting a hen but I felt sorry for her on her own so I got him to keep her company until she is old enough to join the rest of the flock
 Comfrey flowering.
 The girls have settled in nicely but have become quite bossy.
 This naughty Miss was supposed to be on eggs but I gave up and put her back with the rest of the flock.
The two chickens I had in with the fertilized eggs decided not to sit on them for the last week. They got of for a whole day I think it was so doubt if I have any luck there
 But just in case I have them under Lucy
 One of my favorite roses.
 Pigface certainly puts on a stunning show this time of year, I get many comments on this one on a sunny day its just vibrant and have taken many cuttings for friends who have spotted it. Even the ex said he wanted some.

 Kat manages to follow me everywhere and keeps a close eye on me in the garden
 I just had to throw this in as I just love it. It is so true
 Pickings are plenty with the broad beans and they are delicious

 Another new rose
Last but not least this rhubarb is to die for, oh how yummy it is
Im feeling better already after sharing this long post of photos from around the yard.


  1. I think that I know just how you feel about work. In this economic climate the focus is on profit margins, Personnel have become Human Resources so their area of concern has shifted from staff welfare to supplying management with the workforce that is required. Long serving members of staff, who used to be treasured, are now seen as just another fixture. Nobody can feel pride in their work if they are treated as a cog in a machine, The people that I work with are dispirited, there is a general feeling of apathy and a very low level of morale. Every week another one or two of the "old hands" hand in their notice, last wek we lost two skilled people to the new supermarket in our nearest town. They will be stacking shelves for less money but the saving on travel and the staff discount will more than cover that. The hours are better and they will not be slogging their guts out in the freezing cold. I am off sick at the moment but doubt very much that I will go back. I can not continue to lift 25Kg sacks and they will not buy smaller ones as it will add to the cost.

    1. Pam you are just so on the money with what you have written. Its awful the way things are changing I know my care factor has gone out the window and moral is the worst I have ever seen it. Even yesterday a shift manager told me we were working xmas eve until 10 pm .... well in 20 years I have never worked xmas eve and I dont intend to this year either and thats exactly what I told him. We also have lost many skilled people about 30 this year. Also a plant I worked in has been moved of site so now myself and the others who worked in this plant are just placed in different jobs everyday which is driving me insane as I am never anywhere long enough to learn it properly I think thats the main thing that is annoying me at the moment. I think we are on the same wave length with our jobs. I hope you get better soon and it definitely is not worth risking your health for a company that doesnt care about your welfare.

  2. Wow, 20 years!

    The flowers are beautiful, amazing colours.

  3. Now that is a great post. So much going on in your garden. I love love love that rose, its going to be amazing. You must get plenty of bees for polination. Rhubard, yum. Now as for those cats, they would probably be the only ones i would have in my yard. I have this thing with children and animals and like the pied piper they gravatate towards me. Mostly with the kids, this is fine but i dont like cats rubbing up against me and also i feel like love is taken not given. (Huh!) Working out the pecking order with chooks can be a scary time for all, even you (me). I hated seeing one attacking the other and i wasnt sure if i should intervene when feathers started coming out. Still, its Ella's problem down in Lara now and Miss Bossy Molly is probably getting her just deserts.

    1. Im a sucker for any animal lol as you can see. The pecking order with chickens can be a bit of a pain. Think its all sorted now.
      Thats funny " the pied piper of children and cats" gee if you came to my house you would be smothered lol

  4. Ohh forgot to say, see your table, Im planning to do a similar one when i find it. At the Eco centre in Wyndham Vale (where Shoestring is) they have mosaic classes on Thursday nights. Hubby hates mosaic but i may just do it anyway and put it outside. Mind you, that would make 4 outside seating area's counting the new blue one i just got. Probably getting a bit much. Perhaps i should do a wall plaque. Who is sitting at all these tables? There is only 3 of us! LOL

    1. Go for it mosaic is fun although I havnt done any in ages. I did do a two day workshop years ago and still have a unfinished birdbath sitting in my shed that needs completing.
      You can have as many sitting areas as you like. A cafe in the garden lol

  5. Love this post...Lots going on at your place, it all looks so lovely :)


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