Thursday, 17 October 2013

What Ive been up to

I have not posted in over a week, I have been quite busy. First of all last week I finished my level 2 reiki workshop

On the weekend we went for a drive to St Erth
 I love the wisteria around the cottage
 I liked the idea of these tunnels to keep birds of the veges
 The day was a strange day weather wise, there was sun then it poured then sun then hail.
This child is hungry in this photo he pepped up after scones jam and cream.
When you take male children out to garden days they are much happier with full bellies.

 I have never tried goats milk or milked a goat and I adore goats I would love one of my own.
There was a goat milking demo and I got to milk the goat  yay.
I even got a glass of goats milk and quite frankly I couldnt tell the difference between cows milk and goats milk, it was lovely. I also got to try goats cheese which was nice and the kids also like it which was a bonus.
 This is something I would like to try in my yard Espalier fruit trees although Im not sure if you can put rows of different fruit so if anybody knows please leave a comment.
I quite liked this little fence made of woven sticks definitely worth trying out .

 Now to my garden my Iris has bloomed and isnt she pretty

 Not a site you see everyday but Mr Big Cat and Miss Neve the bunny relaxing together watch the new chicks in their pen. They layed together for ages watching the chickens, I think this rabbit thinks she is a cat.
 While Kat sleeps in my vege garden lucky I have nothing planted in this spot, this girl has a habit of squashing plants my laying on them.
 After my friend and I did our reiki workshop we are now on a health kick.
Im loving smoothies at the moment this one is blue berry just frozen blueberries and milk its just delicious
 Chicken and cashew nut stirfry for tea
Jam drops for the kids lunches but not for me . I am refusing to buy processed and packed foods at the moment.

My menu plan for the week is

Friday Thai fish cakes and strawberry and cucumber salad
Sat Stirfry Tofu
Sun Chicken meatballs
Mon Zucchini soup
Tues Chicken fillets and salad
Wed San Choy Bow
Thurs Omelettes
Fri Turkey meatballs

I will be baking some extra things for school lunches like
choc chip biscuits
choc brownies
carrot cake
cheese and chive scones

We will be eating lots of healthy snacks of fruits and yogurt and fruit smoothies and juices.
Hope everybody has a great weekend x


  1. I'm glad you showed us the iris, she is lovely indeed. Congratulations on your next level of Reiki and good luck with the health kick.

  2. Not only can you grow different fruit in a row but you can grow several varieties on the same tree. Craig from Edible Garden has a fruit salad tree with 10 varieties of fruit on same treet. Grafting is an art to be mastered. Check out my Fruit Tree posts to get links. Ive done several courses but nothing has been put into practice yet. Ive missed you this week. Good catchup and good luck with health kick (she says sipping black coffee and eating a cornetto). LOL

  3. Hi Lynda, wow thats interesting all that fruit on one tree. Do you know if they have to be dwarf fruit trees I have some young trees but they are normal fruit trees can I espalier them, or would they grow to big. I will check out your post. I laughed at that last bit x

  4. Sharon you need to talk to a grower about rootstock, that is what governs the size of your trees. You need a semi dwarfing, the full dwarf rootstock is fine for container trees. i have a long boring fence down one side of my garden and it is hidden with espaliered apples and pears.

  5. Wow, what a lovely place! The garden is amazing and I love the goats! I want goats so bad on our homestead. I adore goat cheese so I think it would be awesome to make my own :)

    1. Yes I would love to have a go at making cheese from goats milk, it was just delicious

  6. Congratulations on Reiki level 2. It's a wonderful way of life.
    Good luck on your health kick it is funny how it changes you. I said I'd take supper for tonights moon gathering - but had to go to the shops to buy white flour, and sugar as it is no longer in our pantry - its just not what we eat. SMILE.
    Love Leanne

    1. Hi Leanne, thank you. Im feeling super and have only been on it 1 week.

  7. Thanks for sharing your menu, I love seeing what other people are eating - gives me ideas! All the very best with your healthy eating.


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